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Thursday, January 29, 2009
mama,can i be a sunflower when i grow up♥ 2:14 AM

not the grades that i dreamed of but not as bad as i thought it would be

but hey, i am still smiling

and i can only grow from here =)

a new chapter starts now

congratulations you guys, WE MADE IT!!!!!


Tuesday, January 27, 2009
mama,can i be a sunflower when i grow up♥ 11:59 PM

do i?
so okey, dramatic, a lil but i am not accustomed to 4 hours sleep everyday
all started at CNY's eve....when firecrackers and airbombs thrusted across the nightly skies, competing with thunderous clasps of the veiled night sky, unclear to me wheather it was of celebration or vendetta upon month long raya air bombardments...eseh, barigali bunyinya.
all in all, i am definitely bushed of waiting, of expecting, of letting my mind affect my sleep, of having irrelevant long, winding dreams which may or may not be significant.
the baggage gets heavier, sinning my youthful skin (HAHAHAHAHAAHAHHA!)
yes, i attempt to make my anglo-language better, blame me for trying...
so somehow, i ended up googling panda pictures and i believe, that i have found my cause in my life.THEY ARE THE CUTEST THINGS(tell me something new, nadiah) aside from polar bear cubs and turtles, and hamsters and all that are cute in the world!!like even when they are humping(excuse the lang.)they don't look x-rated!
cmonnnn, those images just pop out when you google them generally so don't point fingers at me as i am those people yang turned on by animals....i forgot the name of the fetish, ok?i don't do animals.
i wan a huggie too~
thats it!it is decided, i dun care when i am getting married but when i do, the honeymoon is to china!to roam free at chengdu park and hug every panda there is would be a bliss~and i might as well trade up my husband for a panda, if that is possible.
*note:i do care who i will marry tho=p*
can i have a panda for my birthday??can i?can i?please?please?
nom nom nom XD

panda1: *while smelling his foot*i dare you to smell your foot!

panda2:*sniffs*hey, it aint so bad~smells better that yours

i wonder, would i help the "prevent extinction of pandas" cause if i buy lots of hello panda biscuits?

Panda - by CRIMA8 on Polyvore.com

something something~i like this something something
its the lack of sleep talking.

the images,i borrow, i don't get money from this.

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Monday, January 26, 2009
mama,can i be a sunflower when i grow up♥ 9:36 PM

yes, i am utterly out of words, tho i have so much to blab about, i cannot seem to convey in any way, tongue tied and lip locked i guess?

lets just hold our breath until it is over

destroy everything you touch today,

destroy me this way


Wednesday, January 21, 2009
mama,can i be a sunflower when i grow up♥ 1:28 AM

an email too funny to ignore:

If you cannot decipher anything, then try pulling the corner of your eyes as if you were Chinese. (Sepetkan mata anda) It works :-)

-of which i did!!!HAHHAHAHHA, and barutah ku nampak the message!
well, my eyes are teruk to begin with so yeah =p

i knowww, it is soooo racist of me but heh i do have cebis-cebisan of chinese blood in me XD aku cina itam.HAHAHHAHAH
ok not funny.
i high.
tmro i gotta impress people X) *flash*flash*

hahahahhahahah, aku lapar bah, iatah macam ane kejadianya...


Monday, January 19, 2009
mama,can i be a sunflower when i grow up♥ 6:40 PM

C nurul umillah bte abdul razak beblogggg!!!!

yea thats about it.

Sunday, January 18, 2009
mama,can i be a sunflower when i grow up♥ 5:57 PM




ok i know, i am overeacting but my recent previous papers didn't sit well for me =S
so i do have the right to become flabbergasted by the anticipating my A'levels
i pray that it will turn out right, nyeheheh, aminnn

on a lighter note, i got the belia tanah air thing macam c mas!hahahaha, coincidentially, most of my close frens have received the invitation.weird~but yeah.

and i forgot to report about the twin's birthday(mina and rahmah) heheheh
all in all, was a blast (^------^)


raphael and michaelangelo issit???their presents from wani n her other half


the lucky ladiesssss and the cake!
well,there were some stuff of which i did not have time to gambar so i drew instead.

ada tikus at the beach!!!gila, even tho it was small, it was also vivacious!ia blusiran ganya ah, and when i thought there was only one, POP! out comes another....

ane c nadz found lying near the shore, mcm a crab thing i dunno, tapi kesian, it had been lying on the shore upturned and ia inda mau keluarkan the head or body or whatever
so ahirnya c fizah or was it c mas...antah, put it into the water, heheh, hope that it is still alive n kicking

and finally, kek c umi buat nyamannnnn!!!!(^___^) well, the drawing does not do any justice but heheh, its the rasa that counts kan?umi forgot to decorate the cake so eheh, hence the failed attempt to beautify it

all in all, something memorable=)
and ohhhhhh!!!i can cycleeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!eheheheheh, i am the very bangga about it
someone asked to post evidence on my blog but hahaha, sadly i do not have pictures, nor did i plan to have any proof of my turbulations XD
well, i do have a bruise mark wanna see it?=p
bah, i end for now, life goes on, now lets try swimming!!!(n___n)//

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Saturday, January 17, 2009
mama,can i be a sunflower when i grow up♥ 12:03 AM

yes, that is exactly what i want, to fall in love at forty.Not to say that i plan to be single until the age limit is hit, i am not much of a literal person =p

its to say that i want to relive my romance when i menopause.

to avoid further confusion, i will recap a conversation i had with fakhrul, nadz and umi (farianne and azizi were the spectators) whilst packing stuff after the party.Umi's parents were there waiting for their beloved daughter to finish whatever she is doing. So them parents sat together on one of the benches at the beach of which i found CUTE! hahaha, i kept on insisting how cute it was and almost always umi would give the 'are you serious?' look. Agreeing with me would seem too appraisal of her parents i guess? but heh, i know you found the whole thing adorable umi!=p

The thing is, i want that.

I want to sit closely to my spouse and not be annoyed by him 30 years later.
I would want to still go on dates 20 years after my marriage.
i want him to realize that i am the same person behind the wrinkled skin a 20 years back.
To discover ourselves still laughing about the smallest things which no one else gets.
To hold his hand and still feel like newlyweds even after i gained a whale of a body and unkept hair......scratch the last part, no way i let myself inflate!!

I mean, we all fall in love at some point of our lives,some believe in first love is forever, some believe that love is part of learning, whatever your reason is, they are all valid but not my cup of tea. =)

Yes, it is charming of him to send you flowers everyday.
it is also thoughtful of him to remember the first time you met.
It is amazing how he declares to his family that you are the only woman of his life from that point onwards.

They are truly some of the greatest things to happen to a girl.
indeed i do believe in love, without it, i think i would just be less better than a vegetable.
but i am, a sceptic,

love for god is divine, but love for human is arguable
How easy it is to fall in love makes the falling out much easier.
So the greatest testament of love is to be able to adore that same person after marriage, after 4 kids, after financial quarrels, after insurance issues, after political differences, after soccer team rivalry, after children hating you for being old, you can still gush saying those three words with genuine sincerity, absence of even a tint of sarcasm.

love is what makes two people come together but sheer genuinity is what makes them last.

so i would say, care for me now, love me when i am forty =)

yes, nadiah is capable of being thoughtful


Monday, January 12, 2009
mama,can i be a sunflower when i grow up♥ 10:30 PM

phone on its highest volume
phone always besides me
i keep it near just to anticipate your call
you never do

was it something i said?
was it something i did not say?
do i not qualify?
did you find others who are worth your time?
everytime , my heart skips a beat
everytime, thinking that you will call,
but always left underwhelmed
because you never do

i keep on thinking
the possible mistakes i made
maybe i did make some
why not give me a second chance?
i would prove to you that i am more that what it seems
i want to show you what i am capable of
i want to make you see that this thing is meant to be
why won't you call???

bila ku attachment ane kan?batah ku nunggu......=____________=


Friday, January 9, 2009
mama,can i be a sunflower when i grow up♥ 7:58 PM

hahahhahahha, mua the grey cat is so priceless XD and yeah, we do live in a conspirational world =p

moving on~

yeah i hear you woman, it is such a dreary day

yeah, woke up at 8 to do the daily sidai baju ritual when i just wanted to crawl into a foetal position or like a bun in my covers BUT my mum insisted on waking me up and i didn't wanna hang clothes alone... dluar...on a cold day....and then you see clown shoes and BAM!killer clown...ada tu d JP.EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, one of my biggest fears next to mc Donald's mascots.

and maggi ku cair ah, macam ehhhh, why is that?i thought i had put in the right amount of water and such but when its maggi berair, they always, ALWAYS come out as a little bit too bland ,too tasteless. So no requests from you guys on that, just drink water, same taste.One of the reasons why i like maggi goreng or as some would prefer to call indomee.hahahhah, they always turn out good right?even if you suck at cooking (^--^)/ but no no good for brain and hair, bari dumb and luruh O___o

and i have resorted to watch Jeux deEnfants(pardon inaccurate spelling) on youtube, how savvy am i????XD hahhahhahaha, batah ku nunggu each parts to upload so whilst waiting, i listened to keane, in the rain.Apakannnnnn.sadih.but was worth the wait, if you can get by some stuff on it but hey, they are, in fact, french. One-of-a-kind, sweet, beautifully done, cinematic.HAHA, setahe ku membuat review.But basically, the moral is that you should not play love games as it leads further away from resolutions and you would end up dead...or something like that ^--^ so from now on:

BE DIRECT PEOPLE. say i love you when you mean it, say i hate you when you mean it.

should i do that too?=p

to Belle:please update your blog, i know you can make tom yam soup now, clearly etched dah.B great at the attachment~=D

"ka, nya kawan mama inda batah lagi keluar results ne, di mana mama kan betapuk ne?"-i wanna tapuk too!!XD

no infringement of image, yada yada yada.....i get no money from this

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Wednesday, January 7, 2009
mama,can i be a sunflower when i grow up♥ 12:21 AM

like, was this what Mr. Grisham was sayin about the whole smester??

i miss those times when i had assignments to do, hahaha, you know, those excuses you make to avoid chores and look busy reading something padahal mengelamun.there is the fact that i would almost always look bangas-er and greasier than this*points above*.i mean dude, the real studying is waaayyy greasier than the girl *imagning a couple of sturdy 'yeahs' in the background*

and yeah, surprisingly, i miss those cramming session before exams where ample supply of caffeine and loud music was gold to keep us awake until the wee hours.thus, all the pressure creates zits!(a thesis not on any viable backup so don't blame me when your friends give you the weird look when you brag about this) zits are to me, on the basic level of understanding, are blocked pores filled to the brim of grit from where you have been since the morning.....or weeks before if you don't fancy facewash.

and they take such a long time evolving, enforcing you to reckon with their presence, like face karma or something.

  • the first stage is where you feel pain on ur face everytime you squint, well for me that is, the ones on the nose and above the lip are the bitchiest of all pimples{the T-zone's}.at this stage, you would try to poke through but no avail.
  • the second stage is when the mucus can actually be seen,pardon for being gory but you see what you see =p this is when you know that the actual time to pinch it is near
  • the second last stage is when the zit/zits talk to you,like it sits so comfily, perched on ur skin and just simply stare, they do!mcm baie usulnya. This is the time when you pop those mongrels out of them nasty fissures.barigali pulang but we all have done it...still do.
  • the final stage is the recovery;sometimes you don't recover, facewise.etched on your skin are their revenge upon not taking care of thy keratin.i should know cuz i have some proof myself =p
thank goodness for beauty products*yes, i hear the happy chirp in your voices too, boys*
cuz, i don't think that rubbing celery on my face works....so I am glad for science!

yes, it was another
totally random post <3<3<3


Sunday, January 4, 2009
mama,can i be a sunflower when i grow up♥ 8:43 PM


i know, one wonders why i have not updated this blog since i have no life/no job/ no money/ no honey but frankly, i am a vey busy woman in my own ways =p

been planning lotsa stuff so yeahhh, pardon me for depriving you guys with my presence (perasan!)
so updates!well, first of all, i am bummed that i spent 10 dollars on only a tub of ice cream(one of those times when the tags are no where to be found so you just assume that the price was noted on the big neon poster with a reasonable price) hahhahahah, its not like i am on an unlimited payroll or something =p

kskulah kemarin, done some stuff, discovered that personal statements are actually up to 4000 characters instead of 3000 (arrrrghhhhhhh!!!!!payah-payahan ku merumuskan=____=) i still don't get the references thing and aku bangga c qam baru kan buat the essay of her life for ucas....you brave qam, i salute you =p and umi heheh, wish you well on the attachment thingy!=)

and c mina datang ahir in her swishy baju and oh oh!kantin berubah!!!
while checking thru ranoadidas, i found this cute little blog in brunei(at least, i think it is) which sells jewellery{amelieacessories.blogspot.com} and let me tell you, they are cute!and and i find this zebra necklace sooooooo ^---^...yes, it has come to that point where i seem incoherent.


well, i guess it's at a reasonable price but my wallet does not reason well with me sooo.........sia sia pun saja.HAHA!=___= kamu balikan wahhhhh, i'll do a satisfactory lapdance for you, hahhahah!no, not you, you pervy, old, crusty, greasy,OLD geezer....belle, will you volunteer?^--^ hahahhah

moving on, since i was so excited that such a thing existed, i goggled further and found this:

High School Stereotype: Color Freak by So Yesterday

the zebra comes in a lilac-blue color!!!!inda kamu excited kah?baie kali =p

hahhaha, i've discovered my world now, and that is at polyvore.com

i mean, i'd wear the set above! (n__n)//

and barang-barang marc jacobs are killing me(in a good way)!the shoes....let alone shoes, don't get me started on the bracelets and bags, not good for the soul dude, especially for a soul who does not have an arab oil tycoon for a dad.

following this, i am going to make a birthday wishlist post thing,yes, i understand that none are sold here but hey, i can dream (^0^)......or ada tapi usinku selalu inda cukup.HAHAHAHAHHA.Why is that hah?XD

oh, i still want the zebra necklace, balikan wahhhhhhh. XD

i indend no infrigement of image shemamems...yes.no profit comes to me and i no no distribute.

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Thursday, January 1, 2009
mama,can i be a sunflower when i grow up♥ 9:35 AM

i know its not exactly 1st jan but lets just pretend it is for the benefit of this post shall we?

so ok, 1st day of the year was well spent(insert cynical voice here)
i was literally cleaning out my closet, mopping the night away and vaccuming twas midnight while firecrackers were set alight...how quaint.

and to just keep my sanity intact, i reasoned the fact that all the cleaning had to do with starting fresh for year 09( =_______________=)//
and so, caesar(yes, caesar) and i marauded excuses of whose night was worse(his was spent on racing neopets...you judge who had the better night.)

and so, the night went on with me thinkin of my charming 2008 that had me holdin on so tightly.I was reluctant to let it go,still am.awu, emo ku ne, shaddup.=p

maybe the fact that i am afraid to dip into the deep end of the river, in metaphorical terms that is, or else it would be rightfully called suicide in the good book.I am plainly afraid of what will not happen. I am afraid of the possibilities of not having it my own way.sue me for being daft but you can never stop me feeling insecure...awu, emo ku ne...

what i have now is not exactly bad, but not exactly great either but its a comfort.A necessary comfort, a delay to prepare myself mentally for the "i-didnt-make-it' moments yet to come.awu bah, aku beranti emo tah ne...you guys can breathe now =p

baru-baru ane i had this particular dream where i had to cycle up a mountain, n then i had to go all fours to hike it and then when i finally made it, the first to make it, i found out that the view was not as magnificient as i expected(theoratically, in my dream bah)JAUHHHHHHHHHH PALISSSSSS!!!!!!!AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!

nah, kana suruh makan ne, kana lagau dah, my dad insists to have family dinners not beause to keep the bond strong(well, maybe au kali) but just to buang all the sampah awal saja.aahahahhahah!ia malas, but, all in all, he is adorable in his own way XD

"mamatah membari tahu kamu, cari laki yang hensem,beusin, berpelajaran.Bukan pasal ia cinta kamu saja, mun inda tbiayayi bulan2 makan kamu, apa kan d barinya kamu makan?cintanya atu membari kamu makan?"-AHAHAHAHAHHAH!CALI xD, au ma au, nanti ku mencari

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