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Saturday, December 26, 2009
mama,can i be a sunflower when i grow up♥ 3:15 AM

i wanna be like her cause she is fearless =( and lawa in the native alien way (Y)

So Pamily day was today and we caught that movie, it was worth the moneh =D and it got me thinking, if i had the chance to build my own avatar, inda ku mau, sia sia pun saja. Why? pasal it creates identity problems.
But yeah i geddit, mcm apakan people who are trying to force their presence in those who couldn't care less ani, mcm kamonn just give it a peace and build sandcastles -______-
But overall GOOD.I give myself a pat on the back for not having the urge to pee in the middle of it all. Good bladder *pats imaginary bladder*

And so now aku ngalih -_____- hahhah wth i am suppose to be part of the energetic youth of this country and i don't feel any less of an introvert than i was 3 years ago. Panuh jua eh mall ah, mcm idk...i think i just hate people. Large masses of people yang as clueless as you of where to go.

Bought two pairs of shoes! =D i, as a typical bruneian, kalau kana bagi a discount coupon, kan use it with maximum...usage.
Both are in the shade of greyish-hue-shemamers-what.
And you know...my room still looks the same....sigh.Oh! a question, bulih taruh kasut dalam bilik kah? Mcm wouldn't that make my room kamah and inda sesuai for sembahyang?D:
Cuz if it doesn't affect, i might just put a shoerack in my room pasal the ever growing population of.... footwear.

So yeah,

******this was suppose to be posted yesterday*****


Wednesday, December 23, 2009
mama,can i be a sunflower when i grow up♥ 8:02 AM

i really really REALLY am digging this song.LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEE

mama,can i be a sunflower when i grow up♥ 7:21 AM

I like the key buttons so much :D
*presses with gung-ho-ness*
Fingers feel very satisfied but the other end of the anatomy feels very sakit.
otot2 kencang and this is not even si Mina punya versi =(
i feel multiple sensations (mostly leaning towards pain) hip and below when i attempt to walk, hence aku duduk masih at the same spot for....half an hour sudah. Otot2 kencang.

Reason being? My impulsive side wanted to rearrange everything in the room.And i mean everything.I didn't feel the energy flowed harmoniously(the 'chi' ain't right) and i desperately needed to vaccum my carpet (keluar kuligata at the wrong places sudah....yes its that berhabuk)
I moved almaris, turned shelves, bla bla bla hence a landscape of junk is on my bed.
Aku inda tau dimana kan taruh lagi =(

And now aku lapar =________=
i think the kesan of twenty(au, twenty saja) sit-ups has disappeared before it even had the chance to exist.

The room is all i've been doing this whole week, and it looks more or less the same before the overhaul started(meh!)
I am convinced that aku menghalang kebosanan di tahap maksima sudah cause this is the 6th time ku shift furnitures...and i think i am gonna settle with this and move on with the other things on my to-do list before semester starts cuz yeah, when possible, i wanna do it all!!
now now, benda yang baik lah ;)

Okie.Atu saja


Saturday, December 19, 2009
mama,can i be a sunflower when i grow up♥ 8:42 AM

how on earth do you print screen with a macbook??
*attempts command+p+r+i+n+t+s+c+r+e+e+n*
okay i didnt actually do that but mehhh!
i is still trying to get used to this, and mengapa ia inda mau download the messenger?
where do i get microsoft office for free? *------*


Tuesday, December 8, 2009
mama,can i be a sunflower when i grow up♥ 2:55 AM

Yes anak kami blonde.

mama,can i be a sunflower when i grow up♥ 12:23 AM

Mommy, can i have him?=(
I promise i will teach him to be a good Muslim.
And he will sing religious songs on the side.
And he will smile all the way through

One day more to the roadtrip.Oh yes, aku lama sudah inda update, i will be going to KK for a while(4 days to be exact) via road.I remember aku kusut on the road trip to the same place masa dulu.I hope that monster in me will not come out.Heh.
This will be ahhh the first in a while keluar abode of peace (serious.Pasal mama paranoid about stuff, etc etc and i can't go alone, etc etc, i understand) so aku iski -___________-
apparently that face shows i am iski.

And Fizah balik sudah ke KL doing 2nd semester and saya missed that.Haaaaaaaah, in my head 'ada masa masih ni, ada masa masih ni' and then belayar tia. I'll see you soon enough Pijah, Loves.

Aku balum packing by the way.Balum tukar usin and bali a decent backpack and food supplies for the 8 LONG HOURS on the road.Oh, i'll be with my course mates; Miss JJ, Mr.A,Mr R, Mr. K.They are nice people =) why do i feel like i am describing forty somewhats who are inclined to long hours of kaeroke? I've grown closer to them so i'd have to keep reminding myself not to go gila and kusut over the trip. Yes, i anxious about myself.
So things i plan to do in the bus:
  • Eat
  • Listen to music.Non-stop
  • Read a good book(Book i ordered balum sampai =()
  • Doodle.A lot
  • Take pictures
  • Kareoke (apparently ada so looking foward to that!Aku kan beduet -______- HAHAHHAH!)
  • Paint fingernails?
  • Braid people's hair
  • Take pictures of people when they sleep
  • Count number of domesticated animals i come across with
  • Listen to other people's playlists
  • Maybe Sleep
You'd think a person in their right mind would just sleep the whole way through but i just don't sleep in a moving vehicle even if there is a king-sized bed with luscious bedding set(with doilies) in the middle of the bus. I envy people who can =______= hence yatah kusut tu karang.

The guy yang kan ku convertkan atu is Paolo Nutini =3 (macam inda besalah saja)
His voice is the cutest thing i've ever heard! Well not kan teberia kinda voice but ahhh, you'd have to listen to his music lah. The first song i've heard is 'Candy' and i like 'Last Request' too.
To be beside him in the pink mould.Oh he is scottish, idk. Maybe somehow the GREATEST COUSIN OF MINE CAN GRAB HIM IF HE HAPPENS TO BE AROUUND AND SHIP HIM BACK TO BRUNEI.That would be nice,
He smiles a lot in his pictures. Call me crazy but i'd like to think he is smiling at me =) HAHAHAHHAHAH speaking of music, aku inda seberapa ngam dengan owl city. I'VE TRIED. But none of his songs mcm ngam. Reminds me of supermario games repeatedly running in my mind for and endless course of time. -______________-

Say, this is a pretty long post huh?
Bah aku sambung lagi.

I had a little bit of a flu-ish breakout kemarin, You know, the worst, phelgm.I think sebab ketulahan balik ahir for the two consecutive days before -_______- well make it three.
And besides i was in the water for more or less 5 hours trying to swim.Or at least float.
That didn't work. In addition, peach lemon tea came right after that. The two and additional presistent sniffles made the greatest combo to feel sick the day after, which was yesterday. Am i confusing you guys yet?

But the two days of outings was undeniably fun =D i have zits to prove it
First day of outing was impromptu banar -_____- i was barely awake when iylia was on her way to my house. After picking up umi and nadz, we went to syabu syabu (issit?) idk, that steamboat place at kiulap. I think its a great place, better when seats are reserved.
Then ke itb sekejap for briefing then sambung bejalan lagi
Took lotsa pictures, ate some penne and then balik :D
Day two was simply berandam dalam aing from morning till 5-ish, watched 'i hate valentine's day' and midway thru 'up!' umi balik then me.But seriously, the before is buring. And i hate the leading guy.hate. HATE.

I wanted to go to the dst carnival thing but majority won.And majority voted no -_____- aku kan begambar dengan bintang2 AF. Really.

Aku balum mandi dari pagi ni. And i have to bali pants/food/backpack/damiti baju in half an hour or so.

Naimah made me decide between paolo nutini and indomee
And i chose indomee =(
So i end for now with one last .jpg
Till the next time =D

Oh and happy holidays everyone~

Friday, December 4, 2009
mama,can i be a sunflower when i grow up♥ 8:18 AM

idk why but i find the mulan v.clip arah zymers punya blog very funny.
i think i is high....

a girl we're fighting fooooorrrr!!!

bah kamon guys update thy blogs, i need some daily reading masa cuti

selamat bercuti.Woohoooo!


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