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Wednesday, July 29, 2009
mama,can i be a sunflower when i grow up♥ 12:16 AM

hello ;D

karang last kelas undang-undang :D
awu, i've started this crazy ride into getting one more responsibility as a new adult.
classes are great, i think?i dunno, the seats are not comfortable at times which results in multiple shifts and turns whilst sitting.very attractive.

but yeah,the dilemma now is to take the exam in malay or english?
which do you reckon?
i mean there were a series of questions(in Malay) and lets just say that i would've done better if i wasn't so cocky in answering.
believe me, the obnoxious air wasn't done deliberately but somewhere at the back of my head concluded that if its in Malay then i could easily ace them.

my brain obviously forgotten the part where i am an 'anak melayu ketulahan'

so idk..


  1. .Besok start sekolah!
  2. Umillah should get in touch with reality once again.
  3. my 'Y' key is difficult to negotiate with
  4. Azymah should go online more often.
  5. 4 days qadha puasa sudah =D
  6. Beaded baju raya (Y) its pretteh *------*
I like group chats now (Y)
Aku update lagi later ah :D mama bought spaghetti and i am not one to reject food

Tuesday, July 14, 2009
mama,can i be a sunflower when i grow up♥ 7:46 AM

Type what comes to your mind FIRST whenever you see these 50 words. Don't think and don't go back and change. Doesn't matter how random it is, just type it! Repost it for all of your (bored) friends. Consider yourself tagged if you are reading this!

1. Beer.- brown

2. Food.- fish

3. Relationships.- don't

4. Your CRUSH.- oblivious?

5. Power Rangers- cool

6. Life.- ordinary miracle

7. The President.- wears pants

8. Yummy.- tummy.ahha, i rhyme

9. Cars.- fairlady

10. Movies.- harry putar?idk

11. Halloween.- mummy

12. Sex.- and the city?

13. Religion.- faith

14. Hate.- swine flu

15. Fear- God

16. Marriage.- inevitable.HAHA

17. Blondes.- Blake Lively

18. Slippers.- bunny?

19. Shoes.- ballet flats

20. Asians.- yellow

21. Pass time.- past tense?

22. One night stand.- cheap hotel

23. My cell Phone.- is a cell phone

24. Smoke.- some cotton candy

25. Fantasy.- money?HAHA

26. College.- fun!

27. High school life.- so so

28. Pajamas.- merah

29. Stars.- are shining for you~

30. Center.- brunei?

31. Alcohol.- is cheap

32. The word love.- is divine

33. Friends.- are family

34. Money.- should grow on trees

35. Heartache.- athmatic

36. Time.- isn't a deterrent.apanya

37. Divorce- no please

38. Dogs.- muffins?

39. Undies.- i wear them

40. Parents- young at heart <3

41. Babies. - i want pretty babies.(Y)

42. Ex. - mana?

43. Song. - secret smile.HAHAH

44. Color. - CRAYONS!

45. Weddings. - Happy endings :)

46. Pizza. - bulat

47. Hangout. - due soon =)

48. Rest.- in peace MJ

49. Goal.- To never give up hope on humanity.I deep.

50.Inspiration- The world =)


Saturday, July 11, 2009
mama,can i be a sunflower when i grow up♥ 7:43 AM

:: paper-hearts :: says:
btw how can veggie burger look like actual meat?
300 vases. says:
it kenottt
:: paper-hearts :: says:
like it really does!
300 vases. says:
unless meat grow on trees
:: paper-hearts :: says:
but but the kfc ~vegan chicken looks like actual chickennnn
and the burger king one srsly looks like meat
if aku vegetarian i wont makan cause srsly O_O
300 vases. says:
the stuff they put into burgers
:: paper-hearts :: says:
oh when u said meat grows on trees...mcm mmbrigali bunyinnya
and mmbrijap
300 vases. says:
i know rite
aku imagine mcm cow calves
hanging by branches
:: paper-hearts :: says:
300 vases. says:
mcm barat usulnya
mcm the branches sagging
meat fruits
:: paper-hearts :: says:
omg ewwww
300 vases. says:
meat fruit jam
:: paper-hearts :: says:
can u imagine instead of juice its blood?
300 vases. says:
ada pulp
:: paper-hearts :: says:
300 vases. says:
:: paper-hearts :: says:
ur really thinking this thru "=_____=
300 vases. says:
i always do
:: paper-hearts :: says:
and then when u bite on the fruit u have blood dripping instead of juice and its meaty instead of crunchy
300 vases. says:
i know riiittteeee
and people serve mcm watermelon

aku minta izin sudah inda papa. XD


mama,can i be a sunflower when i grow up♥ 4:41 AM

aku mau lawa sebelum starts sekulah.is that wrong??
i want an effective face masque yang tercabut jua all the white heads olehnya
i want spot corrector yang banish bakats within 2 days time
i want the undereye cream thing to enable my tired looking eyes a second chance
i want a formula which makes my skin indestructible in rain or shine
i want no shine

aku betudung kan so no need to improve on my hair.

this is rare here.
awu brunei sajuk

you know the auto correct thing atu suggest buttercup to fix tercabut, indakan ali2 tu...

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Thursday, July 9, 2009
mama,can i be a sunflower when i grow up♥ 6:47 AM


babi banar damam babi ani.

mama,can i be a sunflower when i grow up♥ 5:22 AM

status: Nadiah is blasted off to the moon last Monday and has been there ever since.

yeah, that pretty much explains why i have been inactive for hmmm... a few weeks now?
The moon people were nice and no, there weren't any blue cheese there...not that it matters to anyone i know.

so the next agenda is this:

School starts in about a week.Time to panic.

Its just too sooon and with the babi epidemic and all, its difficult for one to be as excited as one can be. And that also would mean less time could be spent on unecessary day outs and the much needed bonding time that me and the girls have been missing out on
Life is a tragedy.is sad.

but but on the good side, i can now pursue the dream of which seemed untangible to me months ago when i was little. *nerd mode* hey i coolawu, its just for the sake of an update.
and i miss you guys.



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