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Saturday, January 30, 2010
mama,can i be a sunflower when i grow up♥ 7:03 AM

I try so hard not to procrastinate but haaahhhh
be entertained by this song while i'm gone yes?


Saturday, January 16, 2010
mama,can i be a sunflower when i grow up♥ 9:34 AM

i know you want this
you want this as much as the next person, am i right?

idk why i think aku high semacam. Macam, i just realized kan ampir dua minggu sudah aku inda check blog urang and aku feel...happy. HAHHAHA
not pasal mcm you guys punya issues, but pasal idk -____- reading blogs do feel like as if i am talking to the blog owners themselves.
Siuk baca blogmu Mas =p aku banyak ketawa ah
Bellesss well yeah, you were with me tadi so you knew my reactions
Fizah you very sibuk person but mehhh aku envious (mcm wanita menuju berkaliberism..is that a word yang boleh diterima?)
Kesian Mina and the unecessary drama yang ada ah.
the rest aku balum check :/

Aku balum update apa2 on my life ah (aku perasan sibuk, heh heh heh ^^)
Bah aku update ni =______=
aku tadi netball...well not quite aku inda main jadi substitute saja pasal yeah...i dont think they wanna risk it?*wails* but siukk the whole week aku practise
Macam i never thought i would do it. Macam anything to do with balls and the potential of them hitting your face( kuning thoughts excluded)
They did hit dua kali on my face on separate occasions -_____- but i survived!Mohoh!
One phobia down, more to go!

So school started and yeah, siuk lah masa lihat balik the faces yang kan ku lihat lagi for the rest of the three years to come.
Ok that sounds sarcastic.
But its good to meet them balik cuz idk, i like some familiarity other than the walls of my room.
And they nice people=) i don't cross their line and they don't cross mine <3

Ohh, and of course dengan JJ and the tiga cina (i know aku offensive -_____-)
They are always funn. Durang selurukan the former guy yang suka aku dulu. (clue: Cina)
aku guilty to mengumpat bout people when they haven't done anything obviously jahat to me =/ but still aku ketawa.HAHAHAH. Jahat
But seriously, i like being with them pasal durang paham kalau aku diam2 saja -_____- my random 'me' time during the day so macam it doesn't feel i need to say something always
Its oredi lateee, mohoh.

mama,can i be a sunflower when i grow up♥ 9:00 AM

do you think i can be a good musician?

I laughed so much that i am reminded of how long sudah aku inda laugh like that.
I've been so uptight lately and too focused of things yang balum ada so macam... i don't know, i am a bit lost?

Thanks Belle for reminding me of myself =)


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