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Thursday, August 5, 2010
mama,can i be a sunflower when i grow up♥ 7:26 AM

Salam and Hellooooo!!!! first and foremost:-

Selamat menyambut kedatangan bulan Ramadhan (11th August for me!)
May this year's Ramadhan be better than the last and hopefully saya tahan berpuasa dan membuat amalan ibadat kepadaNya. Amin :)

But seriously saya hope saya tahan T----T i have literally a hill to climb over everyday and otot2 kencang more than i want them to be. and in total twenty minutes i walk to school per day =( i miss the kerita ford without the power steering now.
*ends rant here*

Well i shall miss the Ramadhan's that i have had in Brunei, macam how we pig out masa baduk, how bangas the whole family would be(except mum) masa bangun sahur,i'll miss watching blues clues pukul 7 pagi sebelum tidur balik

durang tukar the leading guy =( now mcm perky berabis the host -____- speaking of iphones...look who has gotten an iphone 4?*points boastfully at self*

my pink casing is much nicer than this *boasts more* and its like very siukkkk pasal like aku selalu get lost and mcm the map helps like A LOT and mcm even the free games siukkkk(will soon download games bebayar...yes aku setaie gangsta sudah)
and you know aku macam antisocial dengan urang putih like (STAYYYY AWAYYYYY)
ada urang atu baunya mcm sex on fire :(

cemani baunya...like mcm bau inda mandi+urine. ia nice pulang masatu but masa becakap mcm restrained berabis like 'mmmhmmmm...mmmhmmmm...uhuh..*breathes in*...oh really?....'
and sini siuk berabis cakap melayu, like : DDDDDDDDDD kau inda paham aku!heheheheheh and aku mcm abuse berabis the privilege (yes its a privilege now) sampai ada this guy tanya if we have curse words in our language and aku cakap kami nada curse words....so ia never paham if kami cursing or not.HEHEHEHHEHE

oh and that guy tanya wah arah one of me friends 'so how do you learn english then?'

well duhhh just like everibadi else lahhh cemana lagi kannn? meliat bulan then pandai english tarus??

yes i am still my easily irritated self :3
and masatu aku naik trainn like well i expected more but okay lahhh, one of the train smelled like kaki balum bebasuh and pakai stukin tarus...imagine the joys of that. But calii cuz one stop mcm telampau banyak koreans, then the other stop mcm banyak indians like...the nearest kadais 3 out of 6 wah kadai makan indian. And that concludes how metropolitan this place is....

nah to whoever it may concern. iloveyouanddonteverchange. HAHAHHAHA!
but awu serius. I love you guys!Don't forget to always update me ah?I dunno unless you guys say samting.
bah kan bali ayam.



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