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Monday, April 27, 2009
mama,can i be a sunflower when i grow up♥ 9:41 PM

i have the signalllll!!!technology is bliss!!
i've been deprived okey, when one is used to being so close to facebook all the time,i should be acting at least a bit attached, deranged even.
but lets not go that far, after all, i'll be blogging lagi in uh, three days time?
so fret not (cehhhh mcm taie bunyinya)

so what am i doing currently?
waiting for me mama to pick me up and jalan bali jamuran thingy.
i couldn't be bothered to change me clothes into something more breezy so i'll just immerse myself in cold streaming shower right after the buying binge.

which reminds me....

i have to pack.bawang kisar.

so till then people(Mas)


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Thursday, April 16, 2009
mama,can i be a sunflower when i grow up♥ 7:45 AM

Do you still remember her?hahha, i use to watch the series and until now i do not get it, especially ada this episode yang the half kuda half manusia lahir from a manusia??yeah.
so this picture pretty explains a lot on how i feel when i watch the show.

no i did not have dreams about her cuz it would be a first degree rambang and downright abnormal

so yes i said at the last post that it would be my last post but i rummage thru articles on msn and i just have to post it

it has nothing to do with taylor lautner.

Life may be just a dream, but how do we interpret it? What we dream at night can give us clues about what is important to us in waking life. Dreams help us to process our conscious thoughts and can give us new and important insights into the problems and challenges we face in the world. Although we may have strange and unusual dreams, there are a number of common dreams that many of us experience over and over again. Read the interpretations below for an explanation of symbols that seem to appear frequently in dreams.

1. Faulty or lost items: your phone won't work, your car breaks down, or you can't find your husband.
This dream is alerting you to areas of your life that need repair or extra care right now. You may want to slow down and pay more attention to the realm of life indicated. For example, if you dream of your phone not working, notice how you are communicating to others now. Are you doing everything you can to get your message across in a positive way? If not, you may want to tune up this area of your life.

2. Money: you received a windfall, or you lost your savings in the stock market.
Money in dreams symbolizes what you value or find important in life. If you dream of suddenly receiving a sum of money, this indicates that you are at a time in your life when your values are becoming very clear to you. If you have dreams of losing money, you may be experiencing a time of feeling separated from your sense of meaning in life. Try to explore what has been important to you in the past to see if your values have changed or altered over time.

3. You find yourself back in the classroom, or you've failed a test.
This dream indicates that there is a challenge in your life and you fear failing. It also can mean that you may feel that you have regressed in some way and are not up to the task currently at hand. You may also feel judged or tested by an authority figure or someone who is in charge of you in some way.

4. You or a loved one is ill or dying.
You may be approaching a time of great change when some parts of your life are falling away and disappearing. This dream is helping you to practice the feelings of loss that you may be having as the elements of your life or your relationships with others change and evolve. It is rare that this dream forecasts an actual death or illness, but it still might be a good idea to get a checkup or pay extra attention to your health now.

5. Being chased.
Being chased in a dream indicates that you may be feeling you have a lot of responsibilities that you are having a hard time keeping up with. This dream is often known as a "stress dream," indicating that its presence is a sign to try to relax and slow down.

6. Teeth: you're smiling with nice, clean teeth, or your teeth are breaking off or forming cavities.
Teeth represent time, stability, and maturity. The state of the teeth in your dream will give important clues as to what your relationships and feelings are related to these important life themes.

7. Nudity.
Dreams where you or someone else appears nude relate to feelings of being exposed or vulnerable in waking life. You may currently be having an experience where everyone else seems to know about your problems and issues, and you are having a hard time processing your situation privately.

8. Falling, flying, or sinking.
Changing direction, either going up or down in a dream, indicates where your awareness is in waking life. Dreams of falling or sinking symbolize a time of being more aware of your unconscious mind and deepest innermost thoughts, feelings, and memories. Dreams of flying indicate that you are exploring your conscious mind at this time or connecting to the realm of spirits, angels, and other energetic beings.

9. Water
Water in dreams is a sign that a certain emotional situation or experience is of importance in your life. Now is a good time to pay particular attention to your feelings and the realm of the imagination, dreams, and fantasies. The condition or state of the water will give clues as to the exact nature of your experience. Hurricanes and storms can indicate more challenging emotional situations, and on the opposite side, gentle streams and lakes indicate a more calm and peaceful emotional state or even a love or romantic connection.

10. Missing a boat, plane, bus, etc.
Transportation vehicles in dreams symbolize the ability to move and act in the world. They represent our will, desire, and skill at accomplishing and manifesting our dreams and goals. When one of these vehicles is missing, it can mean that we are having a hard time finding the motivation to act and move in the world. We may need to reconnect with what drives or propels us into creatively manifesting our dreams.

Developing the skill to interpret and make the most of your dream messages is an easy and enjoyable process and can be done by just about anyone.

Quick Tips to Interpret and Benefit from Your Dreams:
1. Keep a dream journal near your bed to record your dreams.
2. Read through your journal once a week and underline repeating dream symbols, terms, people, and themes that arise.
3. Use the guide above to track your current emotional state and life issues, and notice the patterns and timing of their evolution.
4. Try to identify any dream symbols (cars, teeth, water) that appear in your waking life, noticing which appear with greater frequency and the nature of your interaction with these symbols. Is there any overlap between your waking and dreaming life?

latest dream is in red.if it isn't obvious.Okeh, nighttttt people =) lemme know ur current dreammss~~

mama,can i be a sunflower when i grow up♥ 6:30 AM

i think i need some facial hair.

that makes post number 3 minimum for this week!nyehehehhehehehehhehehehehhe
wont be writing till thursdayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!


Tuesday, April 14, 2009
mama,can i be a sunflower when i grow up♥ 7:29 PM

i need that cheeseburgers right about now =(
why do you feel this way nadiah, why?You should feel so damn lucky at the moment.
i do i do.
i'll just continue when my head is clearer.
it's soo fogged up at the moment that i forgot to flip the switch thing form keep to cook.
issit so hard to just click that red latch thing Nadiah?
so i had left the rice...rice grains?padi grains?
i left them grains sitting in the water for an HOUR in the rice cooker.
so they were just there, labui2 until something made me realise of ...the situation.Yes its a situation people, if nasinya kambang and bida and inda masak on time, tambah kusut ku lagi.

on a lighter note, i got my teeth fixed and the doctor they are okey, my teeth that is.MY TEETH ARE OKEY FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER!!
macam slalunya if i go to the dentist, i'd return with appointments to fix the tambal, add more tambal, my teeth bari gali and such.
so mcm heyyy!!Brushing teeth is good.
I just changed the filler this time pasal masa aku makan sakit the gigi rahang dibawah diblakang.

i need reassurance.


p.s: Qamariah, if ure reading this, i is rocking to the background music of ur blog right now (Y)

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mama,can i be a sunflower when i grow up♥ 3:41 AM

yes it isss!!yet so far awayyy =((
but whatever mahnnn, everything will be aiiighhttt in the end, whatever works XD

its my colorful time of the month againn~~
and how colorful is this month?very.

so updates updates...ahhh, to those yang balum tau, i'll tell some other time, i don't wanna jinx anything(hey, a girl have principles, including superstitions okey?Plant a tree somewhere if you have anything against it)
but to those yang sudah tau of my stance at the moment, no worriesssssss, we will stay friends, MAS!!=pppp
and i quote umi "even if you guys balik2 untie the strings, i will balik2 tie it back" or something like that.It was more effective when umi said it.

masalahnya now aku inda pandai masak, mcm i know its inevitable but wadaheck, it wasn't very tangible in my head that i would HAVE to masak you know, i usually waste my time on something else rather than feeding the family.And yes, tangible is overrated...ahem according to some.
And that same someone insisted that i changed my layout because the font is too small, is that how the rest of you feel too?is that why no one blogs anymore?pasal nadiah punya blog bida?*reverse narcisstic mode??* but hey, that made me realize that this blog do have a purpose...purposes.
I have been selfish not updating it as, some have said,tau2 saja siapa, yang this is the only way left for us to 'communicate'

Whats left of us if we don't, Nadiah?
okey, no one quoted that, just the sinetron in my head where i am the lead character with the camera spanning in and out of focus whilst the dramatic music plays on continuous, excess repeats.Inda ja?

So yeahhh, i will now,put more effort in blogging maybe 3 times a week minimum.we'll see how long that vow lasts.
So yeah.....my mum suruh kaut 'daindah' and sth bout inda pandai masak blah blah =______= so i better go now?=) till nexxxxttt ttiiiimmmeeehhhhh



mama,can i be a sunflower when i grow up♥ 1:42 AM

noh noh people, you're not at a wrong place, this is still Nadiah's bloggie, not some random fan of korean boys although i *ahem*used to be one.Still am!But the glitter dust have been blown away and i can see clearly now =p
But this aint gonna be a post where i share my affections towards their chins, brows, 6-packs, 18-packs; god knows where.
Although they do make great guilty pleasures *wink*wink*

eh i'm not talking bout that section.=_____=

you know, how they do not look like the guys we find in the streets, not that we do find random guys out in the streets.And from trustworthy resources(not Wiki, mind you) them street boys of Korea ain't so dazzling as after eyelid surgeries and millions of hours packing buns at the gym.

a trend boys keen on following these days?:p
mehh, who am i to judge, eyecandy.com!

And i digressed.

why have i posted particular pictures of specifically these two men?
because i simply look like them.

someone *ahem* pointed these things out looong time ago when we were watching both my girl and princess hours dvd's so for those whom have watched these dramas, you guys would know who these men are

By no means am i proud to push myself higher by relating my face to theirs
And by no means that these are good traits; who in the world would want to look like men??
sure they are pretty men but you could just add boobs and they'll look like me, or by adding an adam's apple, i'd look like them =_______=
People would usually go 'oh you faintly look like Jessica Alba'
'your teeth somewhat resembles teeth of (insert famous FEMALE actor/actress/artist/plumber here)'
so do you get my dilemma of living in the ever so growing androgyneous world?is that how you spell androgyneous?

can you spot the adam's apple anywhere??!O.....O

my nose =________=

he acually looks quite cute here.
by saying him being cute, is that indirectly praising myself too??

this picture is just funny on its own XD

Lee jun ki: Are you sure you're a girl, Nadiah?
Are you?are you so sure now?

Simply Shocking.
Who are your famous twin/triplets?O.....O let me know.

p.s: This post is totally random so, do bear that in mind =p

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Sunday, April 5, 2009
mama,can i be a sunflower when i grow up♥ 2:45 AM

hehehheheh, i still alive.
I am just active on polyvore so i'll meet you there XD

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Wednesday, April 1, 2009
mama,can i be a sunflower when i grow up♥ 6:39 PM

this is long overdued.


fizah by nadinenadine featuring Forever21 accessories

as you can see, i made a set to represent (some of) Fizah's faves of which i know. =)
It ain't quite accurate, as that is not the point, but more of a brainstorm depicting what Fizah reminds me of, and vice versa.
Sebenarnya aku nada gambar fizah and aku addicted to polyvore, i was just trying to cover up my addiction.HAHAHAHHA!

well okey, since i have lotsa time at the moment, it wouldn't hurt to explain the polyvore above =p
1) Fizah makes me smile =)
2)the colorful squiggles on the right represents her creative outlook and fun loving nature which is supported by
3) the tv shows that she watches, and she watches a lot of tv (awu englishku lawa, napa?=p)
4)Spongebob squarepants is her stress reliever....si patrick pulang tu.
5) while cute sushi rolls and overrated cupcakes are her adoration XD (mesti nyaman jua laa)
6) she has these tendencies to be immersed into the books, novels she reads(of which i don't do, at all)
7) her latest read is sth bout these middle eastern girls/indian.....actually i dunno, but i remember they were pretty colorful, so i added the spice inspired earrings and bangles into the picture
8)what can i say, she loves the sun XD.....or the sun loves her more =p
9)on a good sunday, or any day for that matter, tees and a pair of jeans would be her choice?=D
10) her newly found love...ballet flats, welcome to the club~~XDhahahahah lameeeee! XD
11) The air balloons represents her dreams which, like all of us, will take time to reach and it would be quite high up but, getting there is so much worthwhile.aku cheesy.i know.

so yeah, i won't put in mushy shebams here, you know i love you fiz =)

you're brighter than sunshine!<3

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