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Wednesday, March 25, 2009
mama,can i be a sunflower when i grow up♥ 8:20 AM



Tuesday, March 24, 2009
mama,can i be a sunflower when i grow up♥ 10:02 PM

so okey, i hear you saying 'what the hell was she rummaging through?'
'and what the hell is eye candy??'
well, it started off innocent enough as i goggled for *ahem* reviews of a particular uni and well frankly, people do care what you look like at unis.
vanity-1, au naturalle-o
So these are the sippets of which i find very funny XD (eye candy section only)
by the way, before i start, i must say that these are just harmless,random ramblings so jangantah kan mental.
the good:
HHAHAHAHA!!I am on track with this girl!WOOT!!
(make time for oogling guys, Wednesdays: check.)
EYECANDY.COM!!HAHAHHA!!! Wow, very confident that he is the one for her.Well, so far so good~palui eh, distracted ne karang...

note to self:Libraries.

gila basar rationya atu, mcm, you can practically put these boys on sushi conveyor belts for you to pick!(yes, a mental imagery appeared in my mind)well, the bearable looking ones, that is.

But *sigh* very tall men =( in shorts.Ok the latter bears no significance but 'Very tall men' sounds very intimidating.Like hello, i can barely make my height on par with my exisiting taller(not tall, just taller) friends even in 3 inch heels!

There is no way i am gonna wear 5 -inch platforms to lectures, risking my waterface if my body decides to go klutz on itself.Jadi lipas saja.scurry pass people until tpijak.

but imagine mcm if these anglo-titans talk to me from a skyview height, both men and women.I mean, my world would be filled with constant echoes and bellowing vocals from a height impossible for me to reach without the ridiculous 5 inch disco platforms mentioned above.And besides, disco is dead.

the bad:

hehehe, i gets you mahnn..i think he asian.

oh oh!Banar tuuu =_____= karang ada tu this scrawny dude yang perasan hot tah jua like =______= and the boys would be hoolingans..everyday of the week.

pasal kau bida kan?

so yeah, uni reviews are always fun to read.There would always be parts on night life and boozing which find very mmmhmm, manasaja kamu.
It just hit me that i would have to make new friends.FRIENDS!OF THE RAINBOW COLORS!!Not that i discriminate*insert silence here* but gahhhhhh, okey,i do admit that i sometimes do come off a bit cold and introveted but thats because I AM COLD AND INTROVERTED =_____= and i'd have to project myself on assignments and classes of which i didn't previously.Cultures are different,aren't they?macam okey, i give a scene ah
if anak atu bjabir dalam kelas..apatah saja ia jabirkan
a)teachers here would think that we have this insatiable thirst for attention(pasal tani ganya yang menjawab and urang lain diam)
b)teachers there would expect you to shout out all the thoughts you have.Basically, bjabir all you want and there would be standing ovations all the time.Ok i exaggerate but there is some truth in what i say, as ignorant as i sound.
i know
both sides do have valid reasons; here, we appreciate silent speeches and meaningful long thoughts before saying it alound, just to hear if they do make sense,the thoughts i mean.
there, spontaneous, raw ideas are more appreciated as it shows how quickly a student think upon a matter, how brave a person is in giving opinions, how americano a person is.
To put it simply, rice is good but a big Mac makes a better impression.awu.
hahahha, tapi aku tatap makan nasi!!!
i'm gonna bring a tribal outfit and 2 rubber duckies IF i do get this thing.Get back to earth, girl.
i find the extract below very inspiring so i'll end with that so it could(if it does make sense) inspire something as it did to me.=)

p.s: The images used are merely for exhibitional purposes only, i get no money from distributing and editing them. yes.


Monday, March 23, 2009
mama,can i be a sunflower when i grow up♥ 3:59 AM

Yes.Aku tukar lagi the blogskin.Why so flaky Nadiah?Because the last skin mcm beulah something bout the damn bandwidth hence this skin, i'd like to take the opportunity to praise the creative blogskin makers as without them, my blog would look like your blog and then we would have to compete with each other on the quality of our blog posts which i might say, pretty damn random.Why?Because I don't have a trampoline or the bungee jumper machine at my backyard(not that Bruneians do own a backyard) so i do not qualify for the 'whose daily plan is to die for' competition, if there is such a thing.

Bah, aku update someother time....or karang, i am polyvoring at the moment XD

i created some sets!!(yes, heavily procrastinating....awu, i actually have to do something better than this but mehhh =____=')

Friday escapades
Friday escapades - by nadinenadine on Polyvore.com
image above is my first set! XD

daydreamin - by nadinenadine on Polyvore.com

i think they are pretty....awu aku perasan.HAHHA!

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Tuesday, March 17, 2009
mama,can i be a sunflower when i grow up♥ 9:06 PM

hello sunshineeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

well, i feel better today, after a long sleepless night..i think i am suffering from a mild case of insomnia but soon to be confirmed.So i have been missing my friends lately;everyone, in fact.It's understandable that they are busy at the moment making up for the time lost/memory lost/ climbing to a higher dream/ mopping up a murder scene so i'll just be patiently cementing my butt to a position which still enables me to see my laptop screen.well until i feel like showering or one of them calls me up and plan a day out soon, or something.I'm quite hungry at the moment.

and i haven't taken my leaving ceterficate.Is that a big deal?maybe.

time of the month.


mama,can i be a sunflower when i grow up♥ 8:15 AM

its that time of the month again.

that time of the month when the underarms have no restrain upon its secretions.
why, you ask, of me-why do i need to state this..here?

pasal i stank up the whole building last sunday and any form of cleansing rituals was out of my capabilities.

ok, let me just describe the situation-so i was standin there, passionately teaching these form sixers some differentiation and suddenly my armpits were feeling passionate too.Oblivious of my own...smell, i whiffed it up and thought to myself 'whoa, someone forgot to apply the goods'
so i was standing there thinking...dari mana kan bau atu?presistently having this notion that i was not the cause.
5 minutes after that, the einstein in my head decided to wake up and pfffhh....it was all too late.I searched for my daily spray and turns out that it was one of those lucky days that i decide to leave it at home.Smart.

So i continued for about half an hour, trying my best to conceal any sense of guilt....or any affirmation of the B.O, clamping as best as i could whilst moving my hands and limbs in the sanest way possible.Mind you, I tried my best.

i mean why world why?why rexona?

why did you fail me down??

i thought we had something special.

an everlasting partnership.

i guess i was wrong,
and i admit,
i do have,

too much rainbow under the great big skies of
my armpit.


is this a coat?antah.

yes, aku iski for nothing.
i intend no infringement of images such and such, i get no benefits from this.

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Thursday, March 12, 2009
mama,can i be a sunflower when i grow up♥ 7:45 AM

hunkydory hunkydory hunkydory hunkydory hunkydory hunkydory hunkydory hunkydory hunkydory hunkydory hunkydory hunkydory hunkydory hunkydory hunkydory hunkydory
hunkydory hunkydory hunkydory hunkydory hunkydory hunkydory hunkydory hunkydory

basirah told me that it's 'okie dokie' in Canada. X)


mama,can i be a sunflower when i grow up♥ 7:28 AM

so some may have noticed my status so far: Nadiah Yaani wants to Bungee jump!Whooo~~
*i believe i can fly-r.kelly's in the back of my mind*

i salute this guy for being upfrontal with his emotions.
Fly high high highhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh~~~~

4 down, 1 to go~~X)

i intend no infringement.i get no money.


Tuesday, March 10, 2009
mama,can i be a sunflower when i grow up♥ 1:48 AM

because it is a sexy song nevertheless.

Monday, March 9, 2009
mama,can i be a sunflower when i grow up♥ 9:42 PM

I was out with the family the other day; a soto night out you might say. And since mum was too tired to cook, it was a befitting 'eat-outing' on a cold, rainy night.So we arrived at a restaurant near kiulap and seated ourselves comfortably behind a round table inside the building, sheltered from the pouring rain. All was well; bowls of hot soup steamed lazily in front of our faces, generating warmth in contrast to the chilly atmosphere.Then a slight disturbance was heard from a table nearby- a small boy being questioned of his basketful of homemade cakes and such. "apa namamu lai?" the woman asked while taking out a couple of dollars from her wallet. The man seated across her stopped eating for a while and examined the boy- exhausted, clothes wet and only a songkok protecting his head.

As the little boy answered her question in the most timid voice, the woman pressed on with a few more curious inquiries: where he was from, where are his parents, was he alone.

I only caught a glance of the little boy;not that i was arrogant or ignorant of his presence, but more of how i am familiar with the condition he is in.

As far as i know,everyday, he would walk around the shopping centre near the Berakas School, hanging around the restaurants and any eatery nearby. While others busily order food as they please, he attends to opportunities to sell, with only thin pair of slippers, flimsy shorts and a well worn out soccer jersey.

He knew me; he knew my family-a silent conformity that people have upon a few chance encounters.Those encounters were located so far away from where he was that night.How he even got to the soto restaurant was shocking for me.

He left as quickly as he arrived, without approaching our table.My mother pointed that out in the midst of me anticipating his meek voice, in hoping that money could be made. The situation had left frusturated on a number of levels.

Why did he deliberately avoid us?
Did we look that menacing?
Was he that embarassed?

It, i think, the decision he made, was due to dignity and respect-neither random strangers nor helping hands.He was polite in that sense which breaks my heart further.

I have pondered upon how it would be in his shoes; to face people as he was, bleaching away his pride, his sense of self, his purpose in life. Would that be it until he grows up?what can he do with no education?

i had once placed all my anger upon his parents for shouldering such burden alone at such a tender age. But who am i to judge their situation which i scarcely know of.

It was just unfair to me how his chance of being whoever he wants to be, the time and experience to see who he will eventually be, is stripped away from him forever.

While other children munch up fast foods, he gulps down his own saliva when his tummy rumbles; while some children have bubble baths hours on, he sits under a shade to protect him from the scorching sun of the midday sun; while some dreads school, he imagines how it would be like to just sit in a classroom, be taught by teachers, have homeworks and music lessons.

So every now and then, i do reasses my thoughts, the position i am in. I am lucky. I may not have mountains of money or people at my disposal but i have my freedom.Freedom within limits is still freedom. I can be who i want to be, knowing that i just have to take the step further.

The rain poured down like a symphony as i crawled into bed.Blinking a few times while reciting my daily Doa, I felt very thankful of what God have given to me. I went to sleep with hopes of a new day for me, and especially a better day for him.


Sunday, March 8, 2009
mama,can i be a sunflower when i grow up♥ 10:04 PM

so what have i been up to lately?
1.assesment centre
2.maths teacher
3.driving lessons
(not necessarily in the order above.)
so the first one aint good for my bowels. The whole time i was either nervous and eating, eating or egesting, talking while daydreaming- goes back to full circle in the toilet.The food wasn't bad, believe me; even though i have the dullest sight, i would know not to eat grass if it were to be served on plate.
so i digressed.The everflowing food was nice; a complete ride of what-to-do-when-you-need-to-shove-something-in-your-mouth-while-waiting...that is a compliment. Curry puffs, tuna buns, custard filled 'eclairs', mini roguts(awu!ada rogut and nyaman!!) , mee goreng, were there spring rolls? i cannot recall-that is for the first half of the morning.
second half consisted of fruit tarts, more curry puffs, more mee goreng-were there any sandwiches? maybe.
for lunch the dishes were sweet and sour fish, ayam masak merah, mixed veggies with mushrooms, nasi goreng, nasi biasa and was completed off by this weird tasting corn soup.
Why its weird you ask?its sweet but spicy at the same time-labui2 ladanya bah.
i know what you are thinking-the assesment was all about food?? well, i hate to jinx my performance so i won't kiss and tell the main event =p
no i did not eat everything =(( i had to drink lotsa water just to simmer the prevailing sensation in my bowels just to not make a fool of my self in front of my assesors and friends.
seven.yes i counted.
teaching is good so far, well, not in the moolah sense tho but meh, i'll survive...hopefully until the end of the month. then i'll decide wheather i'd like to tear my hair out of its roots or just take a months dose of happy gas for april. pray that i'll live on, as fizah and mas have.X)))
driving lessons *sigh* i am still on gravel; as hazardous as a drunken brit.Yes i am

googling saja-saja, i find that googling stuff is actually worthwhile XD and yes, i facebook every minute of the hour so what does that say about me ey? ahhahah

so I'd like to go to Disneyland if i am granted the $30, 000 per month to further me studies to you-know-where.( si mas iski...awu wah, aku iski jua.X))))

so yeah, thats about it. =)

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Sunday, March 1, 2009
mama,can i be a sunflower when i grow up♥ 11:37 PM

nada main di Brunei kah?=s

mama,can i be a sunflower when i grow up♥ 10:29 PM

cute kan??
mehhh, but he is with c vanessa masa ane =s
mehhh, this on screen couple are too professional for my sake XD
what have i been up to?nada.
no really, nada.
there is a couple of this and that, such as the majlis penutupan BCTA, Ucas shemams, a few calls but nothing too exciting.
OH! c rahmah is nice enough to message me yang she will be busy with stuff at the moment and should i ever wonder where she will be, i would know she is busy.Good Luck Rahmah, if ure reading this
i feel like listing 10 things why people should not want to be me(not that ada urang mau or anything, but yeah, is bored)
1. I have the vision of a forever boozing madman. Even the most unattractive guy would look good when i is too arrogant to wear them specs.(is intended)
2. I double dip my food.Yeah, i am one of those people.
3.I annoy people at the wrongest times.Macam masa my mum marah or my adi mental. And then, i go mental too. Yatahkan, i is no getting that too.
4.I am short, like oookey, if i were to have a caucasian life mate, i'd always be his deoderent forever.Awu, i would be literally under his ketiak.What's the fun in that?
5.I eat like a slob. Bulih, even the ruti tawar crumbs seem to just cling onto the sides of my mouth until someone hands me a mirror.
6.I am actually not good at maths.HAAAAAAAA.awuu, like i am serious here.My mental arithmetic sucks; if my life depended on counting numbers on my feet, i'd die in a minute.So i am going to marry some mathematician or something supaya inda overspend masa bali groceries.HAHAHAHHAHAH!!
7.I fart a lot.Ask Belle.
8.I hate balls, that is why i rarely take up sports.Yeah, great logic, huh?
9.My face is seasonal, it goes cerah and itam and cerah within days.
10.Yellow does not look good on me.Mcm taie usulnya.
so yeah.


The name's bob
Serial fainter



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