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Thursday, December 11, 2008
mama,can i be a sunflower when i grow up♥ 5:02 AM


saya belum mandi dari pagi


well, dari yesterday

=__________=" no wonder i am still single.HAHAHHAHHA

well well, my modified walk-a-hunt shirt have not yet been retrieved cuz.....aku balum mandi n malasku kan ambil soooo we will see it tomorrow.


and and haaaaaah, our family photo just showed up in today's borneo bulletin!keh....sure am glad that my face is unclear there XD

and and my personal statement is on its way to completion!!!weheeeeeee!!40o characters moreeee n then its all proofreading and rewriting some stuff...sekelumit.hopefully

i feel it's perfect enough(mostly due to lethargicness...hahhahha) but you know, everybody is a critic XD as it should be.

nyeh, i wanna eat jawbreakers and gummy bears at the moment......temptations temptations

songs i am feelin at the moment:

epik high-love love love

epik high-one

epik high-one minute,one second


stereophonics-handbags and gladrags

i am glad to be me =) rambang.

no honey, i have not seen a woman prettier than you(muamu ah)

palui fastffoodsong ane,hahhahahahha



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