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Sunday, December 28, 2008
mama,can i be a sunflower when i grow up♥ 8:07 AM

"its allright, cause there is beauty in a breakdown"

i am intrigued by this movie:


discovered it after youtubing the videos si mughnii suggested(ia dengan hindrafsnya inda mau abis2 =_____=)and well, l liked the mv, and people gave good ratings for the movie too

isn't he the CUTEST kid you have ever seen
by far?


i searched imogen heap-let go and stumbled upon this mv.and now i really want to know where to get/download/smuggle/duplicate/retrieve the full movie with english subtitles as i think it is in french.and i do not want no chinese subs as it does not help.just because we are all asians doesn't mean that i speak cantonese.no offence.

Julien Jeanvier : [talking about Igor the gym coach] And how big are his biceps again?

Sophie Kowalski : Bigger than your brain

Julien Jeanvier : And you like this guy?

Sophie Kowalski : As a second choice [starts walking towards Igor]

Julien Jeanvier : [shouting] Second choice... who's your first? Sophie...

=) kiut.

oh, this is the featured(=p) tin box which gives power

over the other to do all the dares given

aside from that, i just finished the book belle had lent to me (^-----^)//

buduh ceritanya ah, urang tuha inda sadar diri.ahahhahha

but but,i applaud the writer in keeping me glued to every page, every chapter of the book until the very end where the old sayin your mum have had always put a mantra about is actually true: money and power kills your life and feeds the devil.

ok, my mum didnt actually say that, or else it could've scared the shit out of me and i would've grown crippled.

so yeah belle, if ada lagi buku-buku novella yang inda membarigali, ahem, i am here=)

oh and also, i have an enormous,mucus infested ulcer right smack dab at the right of my lower lip!i am not exaggerating the situation, honest, the ulcer is as big as the circumference of a wooden pencil on the eraser side.yes, its that big!
and its calling out to you!like its saying "ahhahahha, nothing can kill me, i am indestructable!try your best, sucker!(yes, i am aware of the double exclamation mark, the ulcer is heightened to excitement)"

i mean,i've tried the serogel(the real medication) and sira(salt) but both dispell nothing over the agonising pain that they cause.its much worse than period cramps you know!banar bah, mengapa kamu inda percaya anekan?

i remember how my mum used to say that if u have bitten ur lip/inner cheek(terkatap, as i've known it) someone out there is busily chatting away your flaws.well, if that were to be true, then that person out there has serious, intense opinions about me as tom(the ulcer) festers further than the horizon spreads at late afternoons.well, if it was true, then it would be an easy indication and you could just fone up your hundred of closest friends to fish out the unlucky one...or ones.

But alas, it is nothing but, extravagant membual.(not my mum but the superstition thing)

i think i've said enough for this morning=p

oh!bought new bag and a t-shirt...and i feel guilty.why am i feeling this?=_______=have you experienced that before?antah, everytime i purchase sumthin i remember those trafficked children who are forced to weave the exact garment i now own or clasping the buckles on the bag.....i better stop thinkin bout this or else eventually i'd never change my knickers ever again

cute yes?

p.s i intend no infringments of image shemamems....yes.


The name's bob
Serial fainter



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