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Saturday, December 27, 2008
mama,can i be a sunflower when i grow up♥ 8:32 AM

buduh basar nyamuk ah!do you readers know that i would almost always react to a pesky mosquito nearby(p.s: reacting= squishing those things into pulp) antah, maybe deep down i am just as temperamental as the rest of you lot =p

oh, hiiiiiiiiii =)
the 25th was sooooooo fun!uberrrrrr(haha!) fun!
its to bad c nad(good luck with ur nini),mas, fizah, mizah inda dapat datang but they now have other commitments=p
nah, u guys are excusable
ah yatah, got to meet iylia's other three darlings.......the cats i meant.
and her cooking is the nyaman(someone's ready to walk down the aisle)

the secret santa session was memorable by its own but the event that came a lot later was priceless.bah, sebuting- sebuting ku becerita.
giving something for rahmah was easy as she wanted something green and cute,so i got her something green(a giraffe phone strap) and something cute(a denim diary with a long mesage in it) -i know, i could've done simpler, but why should i?

and what zymah gave to me was thoughtful =) in a non conventional way, maybe she new that i needed a seluar santai to go to pantai (lameness intended) it fitted also!hahahahha, a miracle!usually i needed my butt to be there with the pants before purchasing it, and she sewn circluar distinct doodles of our faces.....you'll understand once i post them....when i eventually have the eagerness later...how i do not make any sense does not concern you so thank you but no.

after that...we had a dance session.azmina went all boozy and insisted her booze a.k.a jasmine tea to zymah =__________=

but what touched me was the heart to heart speech thing.i choked.i, nadiah binte yaani, choked.
on tears.we all went hormonal but what you guys said that night, i appreciate =) i love you guys and no manly dingdong (or dingdongs)can be better than all of you combined.

so my lovelies,
just so you know, i love you
just so you know,when you need me, i may not always be there, but i will never push you aside
just so you know, you guys mean the world to me, so i won't stop you from finding yours
just so you know, the flaws you have are the reason i stayed
just so you know, time will go on, people will go on, you and i will go on, maybe separately or together, it doesn't matter

just remember the role i played in your life once upon a time ago =)

ahhhhh, emusi banar.but true.life is an uncertainty so lets spend the rest of our time here at the most.

nah, i gone all soft and shitty.


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