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Monday, December 15, 2008
mama,can i be a sunflower when i grow up♥ 6:24 AM

I watched twilight tadi
(^----^) it was so fun watchin the muvie with umi n belle(and the kid dsiringku of whom belle n umi found cute in a sense he was politely complying to us being girls and such)
hahaha, well, for me it wasn't that frusturating as i have not read the book and i intend not to in due time unless i find that solitude is such a bore and would prefer anything better to do than just stare blankly at the dinding.
i am such a geek, i know but heh, it just seemed so cool =__________=
Before watchin the movie, the three of us fooled around at excapade and danced to some funky xmas songs.HAHHA
and umi membazir inda makan the tempura thing, antah ya ah.good thing she didn't get the duck XD
but overall, i liked the outing tadi =)
didn't take any snapshots tho, too preoccupied i guess
oh!and i like jacob<3
my lil sister's friends are flaky enough to cance their day out so she watched it on dvd, inda tarang but hahha, you can always count on the funny, direct translation XD
for example:
twilight= senja(=----=)
are you feelin well?=awak rasa perigi?
my dad paid me twenty bucks to give you this message= ayah saya bayar saya dua puluh ekor rusa jantan untuk memberi awak mesej ini
(it's a malay thing so yeah)

yayasan,aku n amal duduk-duduk arah fountain mcm ndun=p

oh oh, forgot, the walkahunt yesterday!!!!!
was funnnnnnn =)
and I SAW CUTIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
man i fluffed up the whole day and the night before at the seminar thing when i saw him.soooooooo cute!
n then i realized i had a type,haha, but i liked my type =p
oh, back to the event, it was the most confusing thing i've ever joined in my life!hahahha, but i had a blast with amal, my partner for the day, and jam.love you guys!
ada c cahya jua kadang-kadang and c dollah i think, if i got his name correct
and some other familiar faces.
but ultimately, i wanna see cutie again and mabe by that time, i'd ask him out.HAHAHHAHAHAHHA
that is, when i feel brave enough to do so X)

i am a bronze buddha now....skinwise.

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