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Tuesday, December 9, 2008
mama,can i be a sunflower when i grow up♥ 10:23 PM

i figured out this shit!

well not exactly, i don't talk javascript

anyways...tadi pagi tutup karan!

i was thinkin to myself the night before of tutup karan jua....weird coincidence or just clever intuition?HHAHAHHAHAHAHHA

well, due to boredoom.........i drew flowers on a mug...initially planned on the walls but heh, i am a goody goody sooooo:

once there was one

then it became three!

it actually looks good......now for the walls....XD

oh oh, look who is contestant number 346 for the walk a hunt!(not as effective as it sounded in my head)


Amal and i joined at the last minute,hahaha, so baju kami labuh!like UNATTRACTIVE kind of labuh cause size S and M abis(damit-damit jua banar urang brunei ani) *look who is talkin*OH i got to meet amal's parents and lil nieces and nephews, there are 9 adoloscents in total!Gahd, it it was me to face those cuties when they are not cute everyday....i'd be bald and ugly.And have jumped off some cliff.So Amal.I SALUTE YOU!=p

And i am still tired from the family day last monday.And my attachment thing confusing to me.I will be at school on saturday! (OO) Get things done, snip snip snip!

Lets just sit duck and hope for the best, shall we? XD

HELP HELP!YOU HAVE TERRORIZED MY HEART!=___________= i'd better stop this before any serious matter arise

i intend no infringement shemamems and no conscious hate feelings.......yes.



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