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Tuesday, December 23, 2008
mama,can i be a sunflower when i grow up♥ 8:40 AM

hello hello =)

haaaah, i still feel exhausted and have been sleeping more than eight hours everyday cuz...my back hurts.yes i got physical.

well, lets just say that the party was awesoooooooome (i sound like a sad person whom had previously lived under a rock...i still do)
well, for the first part, them mas and the +1, mizah, fizah n jam saw me tiptoeing in thru the backdoor with my heart-cascaded comforter =______= bagus eh, a way to make an entrance

after that a bit makan-makan, yada yada yada...
the slide thingy was the funnest part until *ahem* drama drama starring our very own dramaqueen =p

monobrow monster ahead

i played the slide bouncer thing in my jeans so everything was barat and retarded lookin, and the fact that my mascara was smearing decendingly (adakah tu?)didn't help either.
one thing followed the other, had a heavy midnight makan, DIY henna tatoo, sendiri-sendiri britney beat, bla bla bla, n then slept at 3am, bangun the next day at 8..or was it 10 pagi ?then sambung main slide bangas-bangas with belle, nanazzzz and naimah

and now aku itam lagam


well, to sum up the whole event


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