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Thursday, January 1, 2009
mama,can i be a sunflower when i grow up♥ 9:35 AM

i know its not exactly 1st jan but lets just pretend it is for the benefit of this post shall we?

so ok, 1st day of the year was well spent(insert cynical voice here)
i was literally cleaning out my closet, mopping the night away and vaccuming twas midnight while firecrackers were set alight...how quaint.

and to just keep my sanity intact, i reasoned the fact that all the cleaning had to do with starting fresh for year 09( =_______________=)//
and so, caesar(yes, caesar) and i marauded excuses of whose night was worse(his was spent on racing neopets...you judge who had the better night.)

and so, the night went on with me thinkin of my charming 2008 that had me holdin on so tightly.I was reluctant to let it go,still am.awu, emo ku ne, shaddup.=p

maybe the fact that i am afraid to dip into the deep end of the river, in metaphorical terms that is, or else it would be rightfully called suicide in the good book.I am plainly afraid of what will not happen. I am afraid of the possibilities of not having it my own way.sue me for being daft but you can never stop me feeling insecure...awu, emo ku ne...

what i have now is not exactly bad, but not exactly great either but its a comfort.A necessary comfort, a delay to prepare myself mentally for the "i-didnt-make-it' moments yet to come.awu bah, aku beranti emo tah ne...you guys can breathe now =p

baru-baru ane i had this particular dream where i had to cycle up a mountain, n then i had to go all fours to hike it and then when i finally made it, the first to make it, i found out that the view was not as magnificient as i expected(theoratically, in my dream bah)JAUHHHHHHHHHH PALISSSSSS!!!!!!!AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!

nah, kana suruh makan ne, kana lagau dah, my dad insists to have family dinners not beause to keep the bond strong(well, maybe au kali) but just to buang all the sampah awal saja.aahahahhahah!ia malas, but, all in all, he is adorable in his own way XD

"mamatah membari tahu kamu, cari laki yang hensem,beusin, berpelajaran.Bukan pasal ia cinta kamu saja, mun inda tbiayayi bulan2 makan kamu, apa kan d barinya kamu makan?cintanya atu membari kamu makan?"-AHAHAHAHAHHAH!CALI xD, au ma au, nanti ku mencari

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