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Saturday, January 17, 2009
mama,can i be a sunflower when i grow up♥ 12:03 AM

yes, that is exactly what i want, to fall in love at forty.Not to say that i plan to be single until the age limit is hit, i am not much of a literal person =p

its to say that i want to relive my romance when i menopause.

to avoid further confusion, i will recap a conversation i had with fakhrul, nadz and umi (farianne and azizi were the spectators) whilst packing stuff after the party.Umi's parents were there waiting for their beloved daughter to finish whatever she is doing. So them parents sat together on one of the benches at the beach of which i found CUTE! hahaha, i kept on insisting how cute it was and almost always umi would give the 'are you serious?' look. Agreeing with me would seem too appraisal of her parents i guess? but heh, i know you found the whole thing adorable umi!=p

The thing is, i want that.

I want to sit closely to my spouse and not be annoyed by him 30 years later.
I would want to still go on dates 20 years after my marriage.
i want him to realize that i am the same person behind the wrinkled skin a 20 years back.
To discover ourselves still laughing about the smallest things which no one else gets.
To hold his hand and still feel like newlyweds even after i gained a whale of a body and unkept hair......scratch the last part, no way i let myself inflate!!

I mean, we all fall in love at some point of our lives,some believe in first love is forever, some believe that love is part of learning, whatever your reason is, they are all valid but not my cup of tea. =)

Yes, it is charming of him to send you flowers everyday.
it is also thoughtful of him to remember the first time you met.
It is amazing how he declares to his family that you are the only woman of his life from that point onwards.

They are truly some of the greatest things to happen to a girl.
indeed i do believe in love, without it, i think i would just be less better than a vegetable.
but i am, a sceptic,

love for god is divine, but love for human is arguable
How easy it is to fall in love makes the falling out much easier.
So the greatest testament of love is to be able to adore that same person after marriage, after 4 kids, after financial quarrels, after insurance issues, after political differences, after soccer team rivalry, after children hating you for being old, you can still gush saying those three words with genuine sincerity, absence of even a tint of sarcasm.

love is what makes two people come together but sheer genuinity is what makes them last.

so i would say, care for me now, love me when i am forty =)

yes, nadiah is capable of being thoughtful



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