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Tuesday, January 27, 2009
mama,can i be a sunflower when i grow up♥ 11:59 PM

do i?
so okey, dramatic, a lil but i am not accustomed to 4 hours sleep everyday
all started at CNY's eve....when firecrackers and airbombs thrusted across the nightly skies, competing with thunderous clasps of the veiled night sky, unclear to me wheather it was of celebration or vendetta upon month long raya air bombardments...eseh, barigali bunyinya.
all in all, i am definitely bushed of waiting, of expecting, of letting my mind affect my sleep, of having irrelevant long, winding dreams which may or may not be significant.
the baggage gets heavier, sinning my youthful skin (HAHAHAHAHAAHAHHA!)
yes, i attempt to make my anglo-language better, blame me for trying...
so somehow, i ended up googling panda pictures and i believe, that i have found my cause in my life.THEY ARE THE CUTEST THINGS(tell me something new, nadiah) aside from polar bear cubs and turtles, and hamsters and all that are cute in the world!!like even when they are humping(excuse the lang.)they don't look x-rated!
cmonnnn, those images just pop out when you google them generally so don't point fingers at me as i am those people yang turned on by animals....i forgot the name of the fetish, ok?i don't do animals.
i wan a huggie too~
thats it!it is decided, i dun care when i am getting married but when i do, the honeymoon is to china!to roam free at chengdu park and hug every panda there is would be a bliss~and i might as well trade up my husband for a panda, if that is possible.
*note:i do care who i will marry tho=p*
can i have a panda for my birthday??can i?can i?please?please?
nom nom nom XD

panda1: *while smelling his foot*i dare you to smell your foot!

panda2:*sniffs*hey, it aint so bad~smells better that yours

i wonder, would i help the "prevent extinction of pandas" cause if i buy lots of hello panda biscuits?

Panda - by CRIMA8 on Polyvore.com

something something~i like this something something
its the lack of sleep talking.

the images,i borrow, i don't get money from this.

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