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Sunday, January 4, 2009
mama,can i be a sunflower when i grow up♥ 8:43 PM


i know, one wonders why i have not updated this blog since i have no life/no job/ no money/ no honey but frankly, i am a vey busy woman in my own ways =p

been planning lotsa stuff so yeahhh, pardon me for depriving you guys with my presence (perasan!)
so updates!well, first of all, i am bummed that i spent 10 dollars on only a tub of ice cream(one of those times when the tags are no where to be found so you just assume that the price was noted on the big neon poster with a reasonable price) hahhahahah, its not like i am on an unlimited payroll or something =p

kskulah kemarin, done some stuff, discovered that personal statements are actually up to 4000 characters instead of 3000 (arrrrghhhhhhh!!!!!payah-payahan ku merumuskan=____=) i still don't get the references thing and aku bangga c qam baru kan buat the essay of her life for ucas....you brave qam, i salute you =p and umi heheh, wish you well on the attachment thingy!=)

and c mina datang ahir in her swishy baju and oh oh!kantin berubah!!!
while checking thru ranoadidas, i found this cute little blog in brunei(at least, i think it is) which sells jewellery{amelieacessories.blogspot.com} and let me tell you, they are cute!and and i find this zebra necklace sooooooo ^---^...yes, it has come to that point where i seem incoherent.


well, i guess it's at a reasonable price but my wallet does not reason well with me sooo.........sia sia pun saja.HAHA!=___= kamu balikan wahhhhh, i'll do a satisfactory lapdance for you, hahhahah!no, not you, you pervy, old, crusty, greasy,OLD geezer....belle, will you volunteer?^--^ hahahhah

moving on, since i was so excited that such a thing existed, i goggled further and found this:

High School Stereotype: Color Freak by So Yesterday

the zebra comes in a lilac-blue color!!!!inda kamu excited kah?baie kali =p

hahhaha, i've discovered my world now, and that is at polyvore.com

i mean, i'd wear the set above! (n__n)//

and barang-barang marc jacobs are killing me(in a good way)!the shoes....let alone shoes, don't get me started on the bracelets and bags, not good for the soul dude, especially for a soul who does not have an arab oil tycoon for a dad.

following this, i am going to make a birthday wishlist post thing,yes, i understand that none are sold here but hey, i can dream (^0^)......or ada tapi usinku selalu inda cukup.HAHAHAHAHHA.Why is that hah?XD

oh, i still want the zebra necklace, balikan wahhhhhhh. XD

i indend no infrigement of image shemamems...yes.no profit comes to me and i no no distribute.

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