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Friday, January 9, 2009
mama,can i be a sunflower when i grow up♥ 7:58 PM

hahahhahahha, mua the grey cat is so priceless XD and yeah, we do live in a conspirational world =p

moving on~

yeah i hear you woman, it is such a dreary day

yeah, woke up at 8 to do the daily sidai baju ritual when i just wanted to crawl into a foetal position or like a bun in my covers BUT my mum insisted on waking me up and i didn't wanna hang clothes alone... dluar...on a cold day....and then you see clown shoes and BAM!killer clown...ada tu d JP.EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, one of my biggest fears next to mc Donald's mascots.

and maggi ku cair ah, macam ehhhh, why is that?i thought i had put in the right amount of water and such but when its maggi berair, they always, ALWAYS come out as a little bit too bland ,too tasteless. So no requests from you guys on that, just drink water, same taste.One of the reasons why i like maggi goreng or as some would prefer to call indomee.hahahhah, they always turn out good right?even if you suck at cooking (^--^)/ but no no good for brain and hair, bari dumb and luruh O___o

and i have resorted to watch Jeux deEnfants(pardon inaccurate spelling) on youtube, how savvy am i????XD hahhahhahaha, batah ku nunggu each parts to upload so whilst waiting, i listened to keane, in the rain.Apakannnnnn.sadih.but was worth the wait, if you can get by some stuff on it but hey, they are, in fact, french. One-of-a-kind, sweet, beautifully done, cinematic.HAHA, setahe ku membuat review.But basically, the moral is that you should not play love games as it leads further away from resolutions and you would end up dead...or something like that ^--^ so from now on:

BE DIRECT PEOPLE. say i love you when you mean it, say i hate you when you mean it.

should i do that too?=p

to Belle:please update your blog, i know you can make tom yam soup now, clearly etched dah.B great at the attachment~=D

"ka, nya kawan mama inda batah lagi keluar results ne, di mana mama kan betapuk ne?"-i wanna tapuk too!!XD

no infringement of image, yada yada yada.....i get no money from this

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