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Wednesday, January 7, 2009
mama,can i be a sunflower when i grow up♥ 12:21 AM

like, was this what Mr. Grisham was sayin about the whole smester??

i miss those times when i had assignments to do, hahaha, you know, those excuses you make to avoid chores and look busy reading something padahal mengelamun.there is the fact that i would almost always look bangas-er and greasier than this*points above*.i mean dude, the real studying is waaayyy greasier than the girl *imagning a couple of sturdy 'yeahs' in the background*

and yeah, surprisingly, i miss those cramming session before exams where ample supply of caffeine and loud music was gold to keep us awake until the wee hours.thus, all the pressure creates zits!(a thesis not on any viable backup so don't blame me when your friends give you the weird look when you brag about this) zits are to me, on the basic level of understanding, are blocked pores filled to the brim of grit from where you have been since the morning.....or weeks before if you don't fancy facewash.

and they take such a long time evolving, enforcing you to reckon with their presence, like face karma or something.

  • the first stage is where you feel pain on ur face everytime you squint, well for me that is, the ones on the nose and above the lip are the bitchiest of all pimples{the T-zone's}.at this stage, you would try to poke through but no avail.
  • the second stage is when the mucus can actually be seen,pardon for being gory but you see what you see =p this is when you know that the actual time to pinch it is near
  • the second last stage is when the zit/zits talk to you,like it sits so comfily, perched on ur skin and just simply stare, they do!mcm baie usulnya. This is the time when you pop those mongrels out of them nasty fissures.barigali pulang but we all have done it...still do.
  • the final stage is the recovery;sometimes you don't recover, facewise.etched on your skin are their revenge upon not taking care of thy keratin.i should know cuz i have some proof myself =p
thank goodness for beauty products*yes, i hear the happy chirp in your voices too, boys*
cuz, i don't think that rubbing celery on my face works....so I am glad for science!

yes, it was another
totally random post <3<3<3



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