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Tuesday, February 24, 2009
mama,can i be a sunflower when i grow up♥ 2:34 AM

(supposedly posted yesterday)

so i fainted today.

Yes, yes, it has been a long time since last i had my infamous reoccuring collapsing-to-unconsciousness spells and i am afraid that tadi was the second relapse (first one was last year during a 'brisk' jog last year)

The last thing i remembered before falling into the black abyss was my voice murmuring'oh shittt......' and plop...i think i was on the floor.

I hate fainting, i mean who doesn't right?*looks at Belle*

I'd always make fun of it, saying that it was a way to escape from what i don't want to do/hear/obey such and such but trust me, even if i did see it that way, it is a painful sacrifice to just not hear what i consider unpleasant.

What's really unpleasant is the pulsating sensation drilling through my brain right after i regained consciousness; with the belia women going on about calling the ambulance, with belle's blurred face in view, with the nose-clearing smell of 'minyak panas' being rubbed on my forehead-nothing gets better than that.

Oh yeah, at one point, Qamariah was poking my foot.=__________= banartah, too intimate of an experience eh, hahaha

And after this and that, i went home with belle, well to be precise, we went back to belle's house and she nursed me a bit so Thanks Belle!=)(awu, bukan kinky nursing, people)

I do feel a lot better now, just 'ayung' sikit-sikit=_________= what a way to make an exit from a sobby speech X) now i'd be known as the girl who inda tahan panas/bdiri/irritating events/unecessary shemams...

ahh, anyways, Belle had brought up a question i constantly come across right after these public stunts of mine X) they(sesiapa saja yang inda pernah pengsan) are curious of how Fainting is like so here is the step by step ulasan brought to you by ME!(iski.)
1)Paning biasa, slightly nauseous, but overall, normal.
2)If you are standing, you would feel a slight tension at the front portion of your head, motor skills become slurry, sounds tend to become deeper.

3)At this point, you know that pitam is inevitable, so you try to get to the nearest person/chair/bed but somehow, your whole body seems to slow down instead. There is this tingling feeling which you could not pinpoint its origin. Vision gets tunneled(Adakah tu?), like looking at an old photograph, everything seems sephia, and surreal.Everything turns into nothing more but unreadable blobs. awu, blobs.Any audio sounds distant and detached to you, as if these voices are getting further away. eyes closed.pitch black.all this happens in a matter of seconds.

yeah, the vision is approximately sama dengan the image di atas, except inda smestinya trees come into view

4)minutes/hours after, depending on thyself, you could almost make out the voices and other sounds around but somehow, you cannot seem to open your eyes even if your life depends on it.
You kinda go in and out of consciousness until the mind says 'we stable already'
5) mehhhh!!!when finally buka mata sakit kepala!!=((((((

6)becakap semula, recollecting events. such and such

7)when feel well enough, it is advisable to find a hiding place to avoid futher embarassment
(when in crowds) and unecessary questions.

so yatah, once again, may i say that i do not enjoy playing the damsel in distress-yang-balum-lagi-apa2-sudah pitam.What if it happens on my graduation day?on my wedding??mehhhhh!!

=_______= nauzubilah lah, is no wanting no shit.

oh oh, i unofficially started my driving lessons with me dad =) as i imagined, my dad went all pilot on me and i went silent behind the wheels of our old skool kerita.

old skool banar,no power steering, auto saja dulu tho pasal me dad inda conpident, as how i feel about my performances too.i went over a speed bump and the car jumped!XDDD

dad:ehhh, rusak tia kerita nahh
najib:awu eh ka diah ane, mun najib nanti drive, mana kana bump atu tu
me:(muamu ah jib)

dad:atu tanda apa tu,ka?
dad:bagus jib eh, nanti sanang blajar ne!

najib:eh kadiah ane inda pandai reverse eh
najib:kaka lupa signal lagi
me:sabar bah sabar (shaddup jib)

bapa:speak aloud bah apa kan kau buat, the steps and such, macam pilot bah
me:macamana kan??
bapa: macam ane bah, 'aku kan pusing kekiri, so aku signal kekiri....aku maintain on the left, liat dblakang ada urang kah inda, liat dapan, speed maintain 20 km/hr'
me:ehhhh,inda mau eh
bapa:*repeats the whole thing*

bapa:maintain on the left, speed 20 km/hr saja
bapa:*liat the speed meter*
bapa:maintain 20 km/hr, atu labih tu
me:*slows down*

bapa:ada halangan didapan tu, so hala ke tangah dikit
bapa:speak up bah speak up apa kan kau buat
bapa:lapas tu kemana kau ne?
bapa:speak up, speak up
me:Nailah, jangan keluarkan kpala, ada krita ddapan tu(rasa kan menagur)

bapa:lupa kau signal tu
me:*signals left, then right, then left*
bapa:................*puffs a smoke*

*no one was hurt during these sessions*

so yeah, thats about it for now =)))))

oh!i had a surprise shemams last umm....saturday?meheehhehehhh, everything was goooodddd, i had only up to two rounds of spaghetti and lasagne saja =((( wish i could fit more food but mehhhh, is touched by the fudge/brownie/chocolate/entah cake thing<33333
Thank you Amal and Basirah(and for the mug too!)

Yes Fizah, ku the heart necklace and the froggie in tutu, your message was special too =')))
i'll be as delicate as i could in taking care of them X))

Oh!Thank You to my auntie Affina and cuzzen Syazwani for the bear keychain and etc. =)))) balum ku pakai ne.HAHAHAH X)

so yeah, this is long enough X))) toodles~

p.s: i intend no image infringement shemamems, i get no money from this.

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