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Tuesday, March 24, 2009
mama,can i be a sunflower when i grow up♥ 10:02 PM

so okey, i hear you saying 'what the hell was she rummaging through?'
'and what the hell is eye candy??'
well, it started off innocent enough as i goggled for *ahem* reviews of a particular uni and well frankly, people do care what you look like at unis.
vanity-1, au naturalle-o
So these are the sippets of which i find very funny XD (eye candy section only)
by the way, before i start, i must say that these are just harmless,random ramblings so jangantah kan mental.
the good:
HHAHAHAHA!!I am on track with this girl!WOOT!!
(make time for oogling guys, Wednesdays: check.)
EYECANDY.COM!!HAHAHHA!!! Wow, very confident that he is the one for her.Well, so far so good~palui eh, distracted ne karang...

note to self:Libraries.

gila basar rationya atu, mcm, you can practically put these boys on sushi conveyor belts for you to pick!(yes, a mental imagery appeared in my mind)well, the bearable looking ones, that is.

But *sigh* very tall men =( in shorts.Ok the latter bears no significance but 'Very tall men' sounds very intimidating.Like hello, i can barely make my height on par with my exisiting taller(not tall, just taller) friends even in 3 inch heels!

There is no way i am gonna wear 5 -inch platforms to lectures, risking my waterface if my body decides to go klutz on itself.Jadi lipas saja.scurry pass people until tpijak.

but imagine mcm if these anglo-titans talk to me from a skyview height, both men and women.I mean, my world would be filled with constant echoes and bellowing vocals from a height impossible for me to reach without the ridiculous 5 inch disco platforms mentioned above.And besides, disco is dead.

the bad:

hehehe, i gets you mahnn..i think he asian.

oh oh!Banar tuuu =_____= karang ada tu this scrawny dude yang perasan hot tah jua like =______= and the boys would be hoolingans..everyday of the week.

pasal kau bida kan?

so yeah, uni reviews are always fun to read.There would always be parts on night life and boozing which find very mmmhmm, manasaja kamu.
It just hit me that i would have to make new friends.FRIENDS!OF THE RAINBOW COLORS!!Not that i discriminate*insert silence here* but gahhhhhh, okey,i do admit that i sometimes do come off a bit cold and introveted but thats because I AM COLD AND INTROVERTED =_____= and i'd have to project myself on assignments and classes of which i didn't previously.Cultures are different,aren't they?macam okey, i give a scene ah
if anak atu bjabir dalam kelas..apatah saja ia jabirkan
a)teachers here would think that we have this insatiable thirst for attention(pasal tani ganya yang menjawab and urang lain diam)
b)teachers there would expect you to shout out all the thoughts you have.Basically, bjabir all you want and there would be standing ovations all the time.Ok i exaggerate but there is some truth in what i say, as ignorant as i sound.
i know
both sides do have valid reasons; here, we appreciate silent speeches and meaningful long thoughts before saying it alound, just to hear if they do make sense,the thoughts i mean.
there, spontaneous, raw ideas are more appreciated as it shows how quickly a student think upon a matter, how brave a person is in giving opinions, how americano a person is.
To put it simply, rice is good but a big Mac makes a better impression.awu.
hahahha, tapi aku tatap makan nasi!!!
i'm gonna bring a tribal outfit and 2 rubber duckies IF i do get this thing.Get back to earth, girl.
i find the extract below very inspiring so i'll end with that so it could(if it does make sense) inspire something as it did to me.=)

p.s: The images used are merely for exhibitional purposes only, i get no money from distributing and editing them. yes.



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