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Tuesday, March 17, 2009
mama,can i be a sunflower when i grow up♥ 8:15 AM

its that time of the month again.

that time of the month when the underarms have no restrain upon its secretions.
why, you ask, of me-why do i need to state this..here?

pasal i stank up the whole building last sunday and any form of cleansing rituals was out of my capabilities.

ok, let me just describe the situation-so i was standin there, passionately teaching these form sixers some differentiation and suddenly my armpits were feeling passionate too.Oblivious of my own...smell, i whiffed it up and thought to myself 'whoa, someone forgot to apply the goods'
so i was standing there thinking...dari mana kan bau atu?presistently having this notion that i was not the cause.
5 minutes after that, the einstein in my head decided to wake up and pfffhh....it was all too late.I searched for my daily spray and turns out that it was one of those lucky days that i decide to leave it at home.Smart.

So i continued for about half an hour, trying my best to conceal any sense of guilt....or any affirmation of the B.O, clamping as best as i could whilst moving my hands and limbs in the sanest way possible.Mind you, I tried my best.

i mean why world why?why rexona?

why did you fail me down??

i thought we had something special.

an everlasting partnership.

i guess i was wrong,
and i admit,
i do have,

too much rainbow under the great big skies of
my armpit.


is this a coat?antah.

yes, aku iski for nothing.
i intend no infringement of images such and such, i get no benefits from this.

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