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Sunday, March 8, 2009
mama,can i be a sunflower when i grow up♥ 10:04 PM

so what have i been up to lately?
1.assesment centre
2.maths teacher
3.driving lessons
(not necessarily in the order above.)
so the first one aint good for my bowels. The whole time i was either nervous and eating, eating or egesting, talking while daydreaming- goes back to full circle in the toilet.The food wasn't bad, believe me; even though i have the dullest sight, i would know not to eat grass if it were to be served on plate.
so i digressed.The everflowing food was nice; a complete ride of what-to-do-when-you-need-to-shove-something-in-your-mouth-while-waiting...that is a compliment. Curry puffs, tuna buns, custard filled 'eclairs', mini roguts(awu!ada rogut and nyaman!!) , mee goreng, were there spring rolls? i cannot recall-that is for the first half of the morning.
second half consisted of fruit tarts, more curry puffs, more mee goreng-were there any sandwiches? maybe.
for lunch the dishes were sweet and sour fish, ayam masak merah, mixed veggies with mushrooms, nasi goreng, nasi biasa and was completed off by this weird tasting corn soup.
Why its weird you ask?its sweet but spicy at the same time-labui2 ladanya bah.
i know what you are thinking-the assesment was all about food?? well, i hate to jinx my performance so i won't kiss and tell the main event =p
no i did not eat everything =(( i had to drink lotsa water just to simmer the prevailing sensation in my bowels just to not make a fool of my self in front of my assesors and friends.
seven.yes i counted.
teaching is good so far, well, not in the moolah sense tho but meh, i'll survive...hopefully until the end of the month. then i'll decide wheather i'd like to tear my hair out of its roots or just take a months dose of happy gas for april. pray that i'll live on, as fizah and mas have.X)))
driving lessons *sigh* i am still on gravel; as hazardous as a drunken brit.Yes i am

googling saja-saja, i find that googling stuff is actually worthwhile XD and yes, i facebook every minute of the hour so what does that say about me ey? ahhahah

so I'd like to go to Disneyland if i am granted the $30, 000 per month to further me studies to you-know-where.( si mas iski...awu wah, aku iski jua.X))))

so yeah, thats about it. =)

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