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Sunday, March 1, 2009
mama,can i be a sunflower when i grow up♥ 10:29 PM

cute kan??
mehhh, but he is with c vanessa masa ane =s
mehhh, this on screen couple are too professional for my sake XD
what have i been up to?nada.
no really, nada.
there is a couple of this and that, such as the majlis penutupan BCTA, Ucas shemams, a few calls but nothing too exciting.
OH! c rahmah is nice enough to message me yang she will be busy with stuff at the moment and should i ever wonder where she will be, i would know she is busy.Good Luck Rahmah, if ure reading this
i feel like listing 10 things why people should not want to be me(not that ada urang mau or anything, but yeah, is bored)
1. I have the vision of a forever boozing madman. Even the most unattractive guy would look good when i is too arrogant to wear them specs.(is intended)
2. I double dip my food.Yeah, i am one of those people.
3.I annoy people at the wrongest times.Macam masa my mum marah or my adi mental. And then, i go mental too. Yatahkan, i is no getting that too.
4.I am short, like oookey, if i were to have a caucasian life mate, i'd always be his deoderent forever.Awu, i would be literally under his ketiak.What's the fun in that?
5.I eat like a slob. Bulih, even the ruti tawar crumbs seem to just cling onto the sides of my mouth until someone hands me a mirror.
6.I am actually not good at maths.HAAAAAAAA.awuu, like i am serious here.My mental arithmetic sucks; if my life depended on counting numbers on my feet, i'd die in a minute.So i am going to marry some mathematician or something supaya inda overspend masa bali groceries.HAHAHAHHAHAH!!
7.I fart a lot.Ask Belle.
8.I hate balls, that is why i rarely take up sports.Yeah, great logic, huh?
9.My face is seasonal, it goes cerah and itam and cerah within days.
10.Yellow does not look good on me.Mcm taie usulnya.
so yeah.


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