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Wednesday, April 1, 2009
mama,can i be a sunflower when i grow up♥ 6:39 PM

this is long overdued.


fizah by nadinenadine featuring Forever21 accessories

as you can see, i made a set to represent (some of) Fizah's faves of which i know. =)
It ain't quite accurate, as that is not the point, but more of a brainstorm depicting what Fizah reminds me of, and vice versa.
Sebenarnya aku nada gambar fizah and aku addicted to polyvore, i was just trying to cover up my addiction.HAHAHAHHA!

well okey, since i have lotsa time at the moment, it wouldn't hurt to explain the polyvore above =p
1) Fizah makes me smile =)
2)the colorful squiggles on the right represents her creative outlook and fun loving nature which is supported by
3) the tv shows that she watches, and she watches a lot of tv (awu englishku lawa, napa?=p)
4)Spongebob squarepants is her stress reliever....si patrick pulang tu.
5) while cute sushi rolls and overrated cupcakes are her adoration XD (mesti nyaman jua laa)
6) she has these tendencies to be immersed into the books, novels she reads(of which i don't do, at all)
7) her latest read is sth bout these middle eastern girls/indian.....actually i dunno, but i remember they were pretty colorful, so i added the spice inspired earrings and bangles into the picture
8)what can i say, she loves the sun XD.....or the sun loves her more =p
9)on a good sunday, or any day for that matter, tees and a pair of jeans would be her choice?=D
10) her newly found love...ballet flats, welcome to the club~~XDhahahahah lameeeee! XD
11) The air balloons represents her dreams which, like all of us, will take time to reach and it would be quite high up but, getting there is so much worthwhile.aku cheesy.i know.

so yeah, i won't put in mushy shebams here, you know i love you fiz =)

you're brighter than sunshine!<3

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