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Tuesday, April 14, 2009
mama,can i be a sunflower when i grow up♥ 7:29 PM

i need that cheeseburgers right about now =(
why do you feel this way nadiah, why?You should feel so damn lucky at the moment.
i do i do.
i'll just continue when my head is clearer.
it's soo fogged up at the moment that i forgot to flip the switch thing form keep to cook.
issit so hard to just click that red latch thing Nadiah?
so i had left the rice...rice grains?padi grains?
i left them grains sitting in the water for an HOUR in the rice cooker.
so they were just there, labui2 until something made me realise of ...the situation.Yes its a situation people, if nasinya kambang and bida and inda masak on time, tambah kusut ku lagi.

on a lighter note, i got my teeth fixed and the doctor they are okey, my teeth that is.MY TEETH ARE OKEY FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER!!
macam slalunya if i go to the dentist, i'd return with appointments to fix the tambal, add more tambal, my teeth bari gali and such.
so mcm heyyy!!Brushing teeth is good.
I just changed the filler this time pasal masa aku makan sakit the gigi rahang dibawah diblakang.

i need reassurance.


p.s: Qamariah, if ure reading this, i is rocking to the background music of ur blog right now (Y)

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