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Tuesday, April 14, 2009
mama,can i be a sunflower when i grow up♥ 3:41 AM

yes it isss!!yet so far awayyy =((
but whatever mahnnn, everything will be aiiighhttt in the end, whatever works XD

its my colorful time of the month againn~~
and how colorful is this month?very.

so updates updates...ahhh, to those yang balum tau, i'll tell some other time, i don't wanna jinx anything(hey, a girl have principles, including superstitions okey?Plant a tree somewhere if you have anything against it)
but to those yang sudah tau of my stance at the moment, no worriesssssss, we will stay friends, MAS!!=pppp
and i quote umi "even if you guys balik2 untie the strings, i will balik2 tie it back" or something like that.It was more effective when umi said it.

masalahnya now aku inda pandai masak, mcm i know its inevitable but wadaheck, it wasn't very tangible in my head that i would HAVE to masak you know, i usually waste my time on something else rather than feeding the family.And yes, tangible is overrated...ahem according to some.
And that same someone insisted that i changed my layout because the font is too small, is that how the rest of you feel too?is that why no one blogs anymore?pasal nadiah punya blog bida?*reverse narcisstic mode??* but hey, that made me realize that this blog do have a purpose...purposes.
I have been selfish not updating it as, some have said,tau2 saja siapa, yang this is the only way left for us to 'communicate'

Whats left of us if we don't, Nadiah?
okey, no one quoted that, just the sinetron in my head where i am the lead character with the camera spanning in and out of focus whilst the dramatic music plays on continuous, excess repeats.Inda ja?

So yeahhh, i will now,put more effort in blogging maybe 3 times a week minimum.we'll see how long that vow lasts.
So yeah.....my mum suruh kaut 'daindah' and sth bout inda pandai masak blah blah =______= so i better go now?=) till nexxxxttt ttiiiimmmeeehhhhh




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