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Tuesday, April 14, 2009
mama,can i be a sunflower when i grow up♥ 1:42 AM

noh noh people, you're not at a wrong place, this is still Nadiah's bloggie, not some random fan of korean boys although i *ahem*used to be one.Still am!But the glitter dust have been blown away and i can see clearly now =p
But this aint gonna be a post where i share my affections towards their chins, brows, 6-packs, 18-packs; god knows where.
Although they do make great guilty pleasures *wink*wink*

eh i'm not talking bout that section.=_____=

you know, how they do not look like the guys we find in the streets, not that we do find random guys out in the streets.And from trustworthy resources(not Wiki, mind you) them street boys of Korea ain't so dazzling as after eyelid surgeries and millions of hours packing buns at the gym.

a trend boys keen on following these days?:p
mehh, who am i to judge, eyecandy.com!

And i digressed.

why have i posted particular pictures of specifically these two men?
because i simply look like them.

someone *ahem* pointed these things out looong time ago when we were watching both my girl and princess hours dvd's so for those whom have watched these dramas, you guys would know who these men are

By no means am i proud to push myself higher by relating my face to theirs
And by no means that these are good traits; who in the world would want to look like men??
sure they are pretty men but you could just add boobs and they'll look like me, or by adding an adam's apple, i'd look like them =_______=
People would usually go 'oh you faintly look like Jessica Alba'
'your teeth somewhat resembles teeth of (insert famous FEMALE actor/actress/artist/plumber here)'
so do you get my dilemma of living in the ever so growing androgyneous world?is that how you spell androgyneous?

can you spot the adam's apple anywhere??!O.....O

my nose =________=

he acually looks quite cute here.
by saying him being cute, is that indirectly praising myself too??

this picture is just funny on its own XD

Lee jun ki: Are you sure you're a girl, Nadiah?
Are you?are you so sure now?

Simply Shocking.
Who are your famous twin/triplets?O.....O let me know.

p.s: This post is totally random so, do bear that in mind =p

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