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Saturday, May 9, 2009
mama,can i be a sunflower when i grow up♥ 2:52 AM


so i've been that way.you know.partially naked and eating in bed.

well not quite.i lied.

well the award thingy happened today and siukkkkkkkk
macam i finally realized, it just clicked for me that i have actually graduated
and now mcm i feel like those baby turtles yang kana lapaskan to the sea-left alone to fend for themselves.

but yeahh, all in due time, i'd be able to take it as it is.And also, i'd like to point out, i miss everyone.mcm REALLY berabis.even those i have not seen before in my life but was the same pteB batch as me.Its just not the same anymore now =(((

well, bsp is just fine, macam you go to the office, work a while, makan then balik then dirumah menalur with them 5 XD

is funnnnn=D

no Umi...or Zym, or mas, belle,iylia or anyone yang baca this blog, i am not trying to point out how bahagia i am there. I do feel like i am betraying you guys at times but *sigh* i do hope you would understand

you are the who people i run to.

bah, thats it for now, me mama mental karang =)
loves youuu preetty people

imagine aku cakap petty people.baie tu eh.apakan



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