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Saturday, May 23, 2009
mama,can i be a sunflower when i grow up♥ 5:07 PM

aku masane hangout dgn two of the coolest creatures in the world-missy and comel.

no, you are not at the wrong blog, i am actually with them pasal si belle has other important things to do =p
and ohhh!si missy bit me hand for the first time dimalamm =D (que for people to go 'kenapa si nadiah masochist ane kan?') not the sakit one but the kiss one?well, accordin to belle that is.
si comel is just simply unresponsive...irresponsive?honestly, someone should throw me a dictionary

on an unrelated note, i've been visiting the office's toilet once too often; mind you, its just too cold for me there..and i have not been chugging down crazy amounts of water/fluids disana-but the milo is served three times per day so i think that kinda contributes to my um....my water system?my ecosystem.XD

so on an average, i visit the jamban at least 4 times per day...6 on a bad day and it's not like the loo is a two steps away, nu-uhh, i have to at least walk 3 metres before arriving where i wanna be.malu ehhh, mcm people around me would assume that i have poor bladdar coordinations or sth.

and i can never dechiper what is the most suitable facial expression when yoy have some sort of contact with people in the jamban-mcm what face would you give to a person who jus came out of the cubicle?indakan senyum kali.karang urang fikir mcm tani senyum pasal tani tau that person just did her/his business. karang if marung macam, people would think we DESPERATELY need to go, when in fact we think the first option, that is to have the parabolic curve plastered all over our face would somehow, offend them.

hahahahha, i've had too much time thinking in the toilet XD

oh, kepada MASMAHIRAH yang akan menyambut hari jadinya besok, HAPPY 20 MAHNNNN!!
aku inda bagi kau hadiah kemarin pasal usinku belum keluar dan i has been busy XD but i wish you the shembamers and everything good..well more good, gooder things to happen for you from here onwards =D

you know, i like showering nowdays.weird but true


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