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Saturday, May 30, 2009
mama,can i be a sunflower when i grow up♥ 7:58 PM

So the long awaited weekend is here and with moolah flowing everywhere, I’d be too hopeful to find empty malls to roam in or vacant cinema seats even. So what’s a girl to do in these situations? Well join the marathon of spending senselessly till pockets run dry of course!

You’d be a fool to use the saying ‘good things comes to those who wait’ when bargains are flying off the shelves. So I should be out and about right? Well, not unless my license and a decent car magically appears to bring me places without mustering up at least a tint of guilt in me.

Yes people, I’d usually feel sinful after every purchase I make and well and it can never be removed, fortunately. Cause I don’t think it would be good for the bowels of the people around me if I adopt a newly found addiction that is shopping. I’d be constantly sweating nervously near a store, battling out with my inner demons to either oppose or destroy. It is as if your brain goes on autodrive and all logic seem to disappear upon deciding whether to add another faux leather bag upon the existing 8 in the closet.

“But this one has the shiny silver thing which matches the pair of generic gladiators I’m wearing now”

Yes Nadiah, but do you really need it? I ponder a while, putting it back, looking the other way; and yet, the bag manages to come out of the shop and back home, go figure.

We tend to be deluded. Women and our purchases. Sheesh.

But my demons are controlled now:D the rampaging shopping spree only happens when I am really at a bottom low. Kan kan kan?=p

Instead, I think the family and I will be heading to the beach today but oh the weather doesn’t seem to compromise with the idea; clouds yet to be towed in and the globe of fire yet to get its dose of caffeine for the day.We’ll just wait and see where I end up today.

Have a blast everyone!

Soundtrack today: She’s like a star-taio cruz(daymmm, I am feeling it!)


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