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Saturday, May 16, 2009
mama,can i be a sunflower when i grow up♥ 5:17 AM

ha-ha-haaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiii-eeeeeeeeeeee :D

aku sebenarnya dari tadi ampai2 dapan lappy namun aku tidak tergarak hati akan memblog.
ahh, screw it, my malay sucks, i am cursed, as of hundreds of bruneians out there.

as if it isn't obvious, i have been spending my days here at home mengampai...when i should actually be excercising.i feel tebabar....my thighs...my thighs...*sigh*

i wanna be like that cat

so okey, what i have been doin lately?well, just check the facebook laaah for pictures =p
and oh, i have been busily watching this when i am at...you know where:


siuk jua lah.its just that i've seen the japanese version and uhmm, the storyline is kind of the same?
mind you, i don't watch the mandarin one pasal aku inda suka family si san chai...mcm one cd baru, tarus give up XD

i actually like si ji hoo(rambut uren) but mcm people strongly reject the idea =_____= mcm si jun pyo atu kiut pulang but meh, i don't usually go for leading men =p

the guy yang pakai bow atu beri cute.yang the ujung skali atu sadang jua lah, bulih di lliat muanya....who am i to judge urang punya mua right?=______=

'slug' i made di skulah last year =______= nobody got the idea tho...
hahahha, siuk sendiri XD

bah, maybe later i will blog?=)))
drop me comments people<3

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