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Wednesday, July 29, 2009
mama,can i be a sunflower when i grow up♥ 12:16 AM

hello ;D

karang last kelas undang-undang :D
awu, i've started this crazy ride into getting one more responsibility as a new adult.
classes are great, i think?i dunno, the seats are not comfortable at times which results in multiple shifts and turns whilst sitting.very attractive.

but yeah,the dilemma now is to take the exam in malay or english?
which do you reckon?
i mean there were a series of questions(in Malay) and lets just say that i would've done better if i wasn't so cocky in answering.
believe me, the obnoxious air wasn't done deliberately but somewhere at the back of my head concluded that if its in Malay then i could easily ace them.

my brain obviously forgotten the part where i am an 'anak melayu ketulahan'

so idk..


  1. .Besok start sekolah!
  2. Umillah should get in touch with reality once again.
  3. my 'Y' key is difficult to negotiate with
  4. Azymah should go online more often.
  5. 4 days qadha puasa sudah =D
  6. Beaded baju raya (Y) its pretteh *------*
I like group chats now (Y)
Aku update lagi later ah :D mama bought spaghetti and i am not one to reject food


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