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Tuesday, August 25, 2009
mama,can i be a sunflower when i grow up♥ 3:12 AM

can you not cough, plis?plis?


that was me talking to myself the whole day during lecture sessions. I was trying to focus but ehhhh, its like, i have this imaginary phlegm(still) why i say imaginary? cause everytime it try to....excrete it..them.out, i'd come out unsuccessful. Macam by some mini penyapu my throat had, my oesophagus clears up just as i head for the sink! Now i look like i abuse my toilet privileges =_____________=

4th day; its been good i guess, i just cannot stand inadequate amount of sleep saja. So macam i try so hard not to be kusut therefore i'd try to be quiet and hence mcm sasak dunia saja.

Other than that, it has been good i guess?
10 minutes till baduk(an intended underestimation)
so i'll write whenever lagi lah ah?karang?:D macam banar.

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