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Saturday, August 15, 2009
mama,can i be a sunflower when i grow up♥ 8:41 AM

I never knew this car could be as fast as it was last Thursday.
I know now.

I was glad to have the somewhat impromptu madrush-against-time lunch with Iyl, Omiee(yes, with an O) and Nadz! It was almost impossible in finding a free time slot just for that to happen(believe me when i say that i am exagerrating nothing this time)

For a while i was the happiest in weeks(i'm not saying that i adore them more, please, i'd be happy to go out with my closest friends and that includes YOU, please don't make me decide T----T) It was just the fact that it has been quite some time i've not conversate in a language where people don't pull puzzled faces as if i just cussed their families.

I knew from the start that my jokes would only reach to people of the same level *dramatic* so a week of not being totally myself was a bit..weird, but of course i'll get used to it.

So we talked about all sorts of things, i think, at one point, Iyl even mentioned how well-endowed the newscaster was=_______=''

It would've been nice if everyone could be there *sigh*

Awu, i still feel antisocial now =(

to the people who were getting busy at the tagboard well i say thank you =) kamu visit jua even masa blog ani bangas dungu

please don't give up on me
even after the countless times i'll try to =(

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