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Thursday, September 10, 2009
mama,can i be a sunflower when i grow up♥ 4:43 AM


and i thought i wasn't counting :(
well, not that i don't look foward to the festive season ahead, its just that i have this constant feeling that i should've maximised my month now*sigh*
well, couple days left and i wish to be more proactive :D

skip skip skip

school is fine=)
it just exhausts me to the core, macam can i have a doppleganger now?like kejap saja just to sit thru class and i dunno, wireless connection between our brains or something while i repay my sleeping debt =________= it kinda affects my health as of now, i do not wish to have twice occurance of 'THAT' time of the month.I'm fragile okaaayyy?not in that sense, wth.

Nailah turned nine yesterday!at 9.9.09!<----majal and aku belum mandi.And i should be revising. and i hate people leaving-_______- can i NOT antar you guys this time?This emotional ball of hormones has attachment issues.Really.
Bah aku antar tah=(
samtimes i dun even get women and their shoe fetish.

but i do want more flats:DDD



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