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Monday, October 5, 2009
mama,can i be a sunflower when i grow up♥ 4:41 AM

Because no matter how hard i try,
i'd always be walking on eggshells.

Hi guysss =D yes it has been berabad gajillion looong taime i knoh, ani pun kajap lagi aku kan mandi just to keep me awake thru the night pasal aku kan antah revise and such.
I wanna regain balik the gelaran teachers pet pasal aku suka pujians :DDDDDDDDD

well not really,its just another excuse to run away from things. =( macam even though things are getting a lot better for me and i become more receptive and such, people are showing their true colors and they aren't the colors i'm used to seeing. Well the pain aint exactly inflicted on me but yeah, another busted situation, like a busted car on a hot summer afternoon.apakan.

so i have not make any official post sebatah ani, not that i've been busy(well i am but mun kan busy saja bila jua kan buat kan?yeah.) but i've kinda been avoiding these words to say.
I know what to say but why should i say it?

And i have been missing out on a lot of things and have been very withdrawn from the people i know the most. I would always feel guiilty all the time for the things that i don't do with you guys. =(

I've been missing out on a lot of updates from Basirah and Amal; we used to share stories just to get by but nowdays, i never do see them online.Even if i do, i just don't have the right words to say.
Same goes for Norbillah, we had been so close and even if we drifted apart , we kinda covered the distance between us.This i couldn't say the same for now.
Nadzirah of course has her own sets of friends, as it should be, but i hope things would be the same after we do catch up =(
And mina, i am just sooo guilty for all the times aku nada or macam setaie or something. Semoga kau okey disana.
And zymah, baru dimalam tani ngechat and atupun pasal pocohantas -________- i feel like i don't have the ability to talk seriously other than make jokes just to let the akward moment pass by.
Si Belle.well yeah.=) Alhamdulilah..i think?idk.You tell me
Si fizah =((((( tani jumpa twice saja and atupun for such a short timespan.Like compare the time to everyday life, time tani jumpa atu sama dengan time urang kurik idung-_______- that brief.
To Nad(idk if ure reading this) i'm sorry inda dapat datang to ur doa selamat on such short notice but i'm guessing ure fine aja =)
To Umi, why don't the constellations align just so we can spend a day(at least) together?=( IMY
To Iylia, i feel so helpless at times when i just don't know what to say when something comes up.I could only hug you that time and even that feels so pathetic on my part.
To Mas, aside from Raya and other really rare random times, we don't really meet up and talk so I'm sorry for that.
And rahmah, even if i tease you to death, i'd like you to know that i couldn't possibly imagine a life not knowing you.It's a compliment mah, just take it as it is.
To Qam and Wani, i'm simply sorry for not getting to know you guys better=((

Maybe i won't ever have the right things to say
but i'd try nonetheless


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Serial fainter



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