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Thursday, October 22, 2009
mama,can i be a sunflower when i grow up♥ 5:03 AM

song of the moment: anuar zain-sesucinya cintamu.

i know rrighttt, macam how random can the song be? Not that it's a bad song in any way but yeah...antah, cerita melayu di tibi bawah atu kali...now its playing the happy sunday thing by this dude idk his name. Anyways, aku ingat lagu anuar zain atu, ia kana culik by this stalker girl and i think the girl bunuh ia in the end.I wanna be that girl without the bunuh part. :l
Aku kan culik anuar zain. :l :l :l

Aku sakit belakang right now, i've caught the rahmah's backpain syndrome.
Well that is expected after 3 long hours driving a manual car, shifting gears and balancing bukits.
That, and a few blisters on the the left sole of my foot and the base of my right thumb. Well to be precise, the pre-mature pre deciding blisters yang inda menjadi hence macam bangkak saja type of thing.It was panas too, under the scorching sun.MMMhmmmm

But all in all, was okey lahhh, i had my moments too. To be precise

Nadiah ani okay, tapi kadang ada timenya lali bah

As said by cigu tadi.
:l thats nice to know.

Earlier that day, i had a 3 hour design innovation test thing. I build a mosque. Mosqueku bubus.

I hope sir coolies consider the level of rookie's craftsmanship *cross fingers*

But all in all, today is the ngalih. And i am in my weekend baju tidur thing- somehow to me, i'd reward myself by wearing tabal snuggier(?) baju tidur for surviving the weekdays being sane as possible.On weekends pakai flimsy dresses; reason behind? pasal kiranya i need to be more alert so sanang bangun tidur hence awal kesekulah.

Nya adiku macam hibernating bear yang cukur bulu on weekdays.
Bah, off to watch coraline <333

i found the bideo!!!!enjoys.


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