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Saturday, November 14, 2009
mama,can i be a sunflower when i grow up♥ 7:50 AM

monday start revision week.MOOHHHH!!!
and ada cerita hindustan dibawah...should i watch?:/ this cerita korean lagi balum ku liat

so today marks the end of belajar period for first semester and it ended with a sorta angin keluar dari baloon when you loosen the knot? was underwhelmed yet had anxieties for this day to end,apakan.
The Biomimetic robot worked!Well its something that we worked on as a team and yeah. feels good to have it over and done with :)))))
Ohh, aku banci this equation:
manual car+ bukit= anxiety hence tetutup injin.

nuff said.
then then went out with iyl jubs tadi, right when i felt like dozing off she rang to ask me out :3

was fun.today is fun.i usually end my weekends skyping with belle.
where are you now? =(

pkul 12.00!


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