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Wednesday, December 23, 2009
mama,can i be a sunflower when i grow up♥ 7:21 AM

I like the key buttons so much :D
*presses with gung-ho-ness*
Fingers feel very satisfied but the other end of the anatomy feels very sakit.
otot2 kencang and this is not even si Mina punya versi =(
i feel multiple sensations (mostly leaning towards pain) hip and below when i attempt to walk, hence aku duduk masih at the same spot for....half an hour sudah. Otot2 kencang.

Reason being? My impulsive side wanted to rearrange everything in the room.And i mean everything.I didn't feel the energy flowed harmoniously(the 'chi' ain't right) and i desperately needed to vaccum my carpet (keluar kuligata at the wrong places sudah....yes its that berhabuk)
I moved almaris, turned shelves, bla bla bla hence a landscape of junk is on my bed.
Aku inda tau dimana kan taruh lagi =(

And now aku lapar =________=
i think the kesan of twenty(au, twenty saja) sit-ups has disappeared before it even had the chance to exist.

The room is all i've been doing this whole week, and it looks more or less the same before the overhaul started(meh!)
I am convinced that aku menghalang kebosanan di tahap maksima sudah cause this is the 6th time ku shift furnitures...and i think i am gonna settle with this and move on with the other things on my to-do list before semester starts cuz yeah, when possible, i wanna do it all!!
now now, benda yang baik lah ;)

Okie.Atu saja



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