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Wednesday, February 3, 2010
mama,can i be a sunflower when i grow up♥ 7:01 AM

Salam and hi :)
hehehe aku mellow malam ini sebab idk
aku naik stable tadi masa drive my mum's car...with my mum in it. so yeah.
Aku beparut! like da hell mcm i know i is kurus which makes the parut more offensive -____- like haaahh, do you have to be there? i havent been doing any sit ups or ab crunches (mcm si banar) i did main badminton kampung like hell tadi =| badminton kampung to me is main pakai selipar jipun and at the kawasan dapan rumah where people can see how much you suck.

Oh while main badminton tadi me and naimah saw a blimp like thingy mcm white and pelahan.
I instantaneously said 'naimah!tu a tug boat!' pasal it was moving so slow -_____-
Naimah cakap maybe satellite (made more sense but yeah :| *superiority complex*)

Then kami incoherent:

Me: Batah jua ia kan cross the sky atu (seriously at one point ku pikir kapal captain hook dari peter pan kedua masa anak si wendy kana culik...you'd have to watch to understand=p)
Naimah: *Stares* yeah
Me: what if atu kapal alien and kehabisan minyak *que musik x-files landir to the max* i actually did that.hahaha
Naimah: yeah.Recession.
Both: *laughs*

Kami high masa main badminton. Banyak soundtracks hahahaha yeah.
bah, kan revise maths. Nighttts :D


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