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Tuesday, March 30, 2010
mama,can i be a sunflower when i grow up♥ 4:20 AM

Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera kepada kalian diluar sana :D

Anda sehat?iya sudah tentu lah. Mun anda tak sehat behapa pulak anda melayari web dan menjenguk blogger saya, betul tak? Jikalau anda tak sehat pun, saya menghargai akan lawantan anda kemari, saya suka pembaca saya.Ya!

Have you ever noticed that in descriptive malay textbooks, they put ! after Ya. Like...apakan mesti btrais untuk tunjukkan suka? Atu ni, unsur unsur pengaruh pop culture..YA!

Tadi aku sembahyang dapan my chinese friends..O...O well it was awkward pasal they were talking bout puberty (pasal i said i don't mind -____-...i thought i could handle)
so mcm i had to read louder in my head so that i don't 'hear' their voices. like okeh.
*baca al-fatihah* so like when girls get puberty they know kah?
*ruku'* what is those brown2 things that come out? is that blood?
*tahyat akhir*raise finger* ...if boys have wet dreams lahh...


The chinese were talkin to azimah thats where they got the answers, it would be palau if they were prodding at my direction for answers,hahaha!

So umi left thursday ago for bigger and better things, we've cried and we've confided as much as we could. I wish i had more time but time could never be enough. But its for the best that we part now to be together soon :) *possesive lover tone*

Thanks to those people whom i spent time with the last few days before umi left. HEARTSSSS!

So this month i is tryin to save banar2 and not surrender to splurging activities (If possible.) altho i am itching to buy a boyfriend cardigan and some long tees yang boleh pakai tights.....

we shall see if justice prevails

To Mas, i miss reading bout your life, like..update woman!
To Fizah, i loike reading stuff on ur blog, they aint boring!:)
To Belle, ya udah maju MAJUUU!Will see you in a two months time!We'll make Dear John look like nothing! Si john ada letters lagi.Wuuuu not reli true love tu.
To Umi, please continue to update and OHH outfit posts please?:D>
To Mina, i seldom visit ur blog *----* hehehehehehhhheeehehheheheh *shies away*
To Rahmah, update lah
To Qam, it has been so long i've visited yours so i don't think you will be readin this anyway -______-
To everyone else,Hi.:3


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