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Thursday, March 18, 2010
mama,can i be a sunflower when i grow up♥ 8:00 AM

Like ahmygahd hello.

Selamat pagi semua, ini pukul 11.09 malam dan anda disini sangat jobless.
Well there is a whole week of dbqwgequihq ahead so i might as well do this shit.

How long has it beeeennnzz? idk i have not been feeling like pouring out my hearts content on ze blog pasal most of the time balik around 4 or 6 petang dari eight pagi seven days a week so antah. How's that for motivation to talk more about everyday stuff on a blog?Am i making sense?

Current song: She and him-I was made for you. :3

So i have been doin fine. But not my bestest =| i got like wat 60% for both maths and zeolozy tests(WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.....i know i should concentrate more, i is trying!) cam baie banar eh -____- but alhamdulilah considering aku revise like what a week saja for each :3

Nvm i have physics & drawing test to ace! ACE!
Have two chem reports
Zeolozy field trip report(ada field trip kepantai this saturday...yay...)
Hab five drawing shizz to siapkan

Oh i drive to school nowdays and tadi aku setaie balik ahir at 7+
It okeh i was not alone. Nevaaarrr aloneee

And i wielded tadi and that felt....like a coming of age thing.HAHAHA like idk i felt like a man in a good way pasal the tcha puji my pace and all and how i can solder at home or sth like that -___- idk i felt mcm i reached a personal goal.

yes this is a regurgitation of the things on the top of my head. i feel like sleeping soon.

Now is soon. Gbyeee and bah update =|


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