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Monday, June 14, 2010
mama,can i be a sunflower when i grow up♥ 9:33 AM


Aku banci pasal the macbook inda mau compatible with the dst broadband...mcm MOHHHHH!!!!!BANCIIII KAU KALINGGGGG!!!!!

so yeah, hows your day? Spent the past three days with BELLERZ and NAIMERZ and NANERZ! Been paaannn like MOHHHH! Lain lainan actibiti kami as in becerita pasal paranormal stuff and liat paranormal mubee and menghabiskan chachos and tidur subuh, bangun petang. IT AWESAM

is tamara home?

and oh SI MASMAH AND FIZAH AND MIZAH WENT OVER AND COMPLIMENTED MY HAIR!aku suka mcm yeah. And they balikan minuman :3 thank youuuuu and siuk becerita(well mostly mengumpat...i swear we are a lost cause)

hmmm, wat else....i dunno bat i sound so withdrawn from everibadi yes? bat i dunno wat to say,wat appropriate to say and whatnot...and internet masatu nada mcm yeah.hahahahaha AND I HATE EBUDDY BUT I HAB TO LIB WITH IT SAMTIMES. mcm the husband yang inda kau mau rasanya ebuddy ani -_____-\

well i can tell you eberiting i know when we do meet =) so yeah MEET ME SOON....mcm desperate. HAHAHAHAHHAHA but au O...O

to Umi, ip u not comin home, i wan email updates from you =( can? EBERIBADI ELSE WE MUST MEET!




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