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Monday, September 6, 2010
mama,can i be a sunflower when i grow up♥ 7:11 PM

Assalamualaikum :D

Its 12.10pm now and i just woke up. I IS LOVING LIFE. *thumbs up*
and aku balum mandi....stripes soooooo do not change even for others ah?
and balum cuci muka...idk aku mcm malas sudah kan be presentable at all -_____- is that bad? and oh,

aku nyasal mengusik T-----T it was just there hogayyy staring, waitiing mcm apa >:( now i have to pile up the foundation for nanti raya.

Speaking of, SELAMAT HARI RAYA TO MY DEAREST READERS (if ada masih) I am not dead yet :l I joke...IT FUNNY!
Here insyAllah tinggal sehari lagi =( its sad as usual pasal macam terbiasa sudah the puasa feel, and mcm aku rajin baca the Quran and ada terawih, insyAllah will continue the ibadahs after Ramadhan =)

Aside from that, aku ada cerita caliii!!! well berijap pulang but cali still!Masatu me and my three chinese friends were standing around wah arah bus stop ampir kadai sekali masa becerita-cerita, aku teliat mcm bula baseball dari jauh and i was like 'why is there a bula baseball flying in mid air?'
'why is the flying bula so out of context?'
mcm antah the logical thinking set in at the wrongest time -_____-
Sekali the bula hit my right arm and mcm it bounced off my arm and fell to the ground.

It took us four some time to realize what happened and by that time, the egg had cracked for quite some time. And kami macam
'eh, talur!' *points at the talur meleleh on the ground*

then barutah ada mcm a pang of sensation arah the arm then barutah sadar it was a racist thing. I got my first racist egg hit! :D suka.

Then caliii my friends atu mcm acting all defensive mcm durang saja yang kana umban talur -___- tarus shelling in ah mcm seriously? Bad pun i know. But then i am thankful to Allah pasal the talur could've very well splattered all over my uni sweater but it didn't and instead it bounced off and also i bruise easily(natasha bedingfield knows my pain) even to the slightest pinch mcm biru tarus, but Alhamdulilah as painful the 'lontaran benci' was, it did not leave any bruises. I don't know, I treat that as a good thing, that Allah loves me =)

Ku bagitau my mum wah and made it like a joke the other day then ia emosi nya 'awu, siapa saja urang atu mama layangkan tamparan dari doa mama masa mama sembahyang, meeraaaaaaaaahhhh muanya tu' I can imagine her slapping the faceless person continuously -_____-'' i love her. Heeeee. My dad mcm stoic ah nya 'jangantah dilayan tu andangnya tu' I'm guessing pasal ia banyak experience kali jua or sth....

i've been watching the arrivals and mcm aku obsess over it -____- like paranoid lagi tu at times but yeah as Belle once said 'just take it with an open mind and assess everything' but its so scary that some points are/might be true O....O

it is even hereeee =( okay i took this picture from a website but it hereee as in heeerreeeee (do ju' get ze gravity of ze situation hereeee?)
So yeah, berijap.like sampai damam-damam memikirkan berijap. Aku damam now btw bat lupa makan ubat masa sahur :l well more of inda cukup masa so mudahan today inda jalan2 Aminnn.

Oh, i spent an amount of *ahem* money on beauty products masatu :l don't tell mummmm! T------T
Btw!we made some kuihhhhhzzz! liek kuih mur, kuih tapak kuda, kuih batik and mcm this cornflakes honey thang.It a sedih thing :l but lets hope i no feel it so much. Aku miss my nini idk why but i cried publicly. Bida.

Okeh i update laytah!(as in when i have some kinda motivation)

i leave you with some pictures =) of not my face

1/. on the way to school
2/. counter easyway
3/. valentine street : )
4/. gnomes at uni O...O

so yeah, wuv you :)

and Selamat Hari Raya!


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